Sunday, November 25, 2007

Zipadee Do Dah

Last weekend we packed up the caravan and headed down to Burlington for the FOURTH time to do our bridesmaid shopping... And this time we actually brought the dresses back with us... YAY!

The dresses are super cute. I would describe them but I'm pretty sure Nicole would get mad at me, so you will have to take my word on it. I also brought back some super cute shoes. They are beigey-gold and have sequins and peeky-toes.

While we were in the states something funny happened: We lost our Mommy in the mall. My mom's phone was in my purse and she took off to go to Macy's, thinking we were going to be at David's Bridal for a while, but we finished up there quickly and decided to go looking for her.

Well there are 2 Macy's in the mall... and we wandered around a while looking for her. My sister's friend asked the lady at the desk if she would page my mom and the lady said no, thank God.... Because my mom would have KILLED us. We decided to go back to David's Bridal and there she was standing there in the parking lot, not looking too happy. Oh well.

Also in the states we went to "Shari's" for some breakie. The waiter didn't know what Orange Pekoe was. He was like "Huh? You want orange tea?"

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