Monday, November 05, 2007

Random and SOOO funny

Soooo... I have this program thingy on the internet that tells me about the people who visit my blog. I'm not like a crazy who can use it to go into their computers and steal their credit card info and buy myself a baby purple Hummer... Although the thought may crossed my mind ... But it tells me about what city people are reading from, what pages they viewed, how long they stayed, and where they came from.

The awesome part is where they came from.

There are the usual... My MySpace and Facebook pages are up there. So are my friend's sites (Nat and Prettie, you guys rock!) and the actual Blogger site.

The best part are the Google queries. I can see what people were searching for on Google when they came across my site... And let me tell you, people look up some WEIRD crap. I discovered this months and used it to freak out one of my friends... "So Elise, why were you looking yourself up on the internet today?" But I forgot about it for a while, only to re-discover it today.

Here are some of the Google searches. I swear I did NOT make these up:

"bartender+the pub+Danielle" ... ok, that one makes sense
"abbosford girls" ... and YES, Abbotsford WAS spelled wrong
"nice bum female" ... thanks!
"brazilian bunnytail" ... There were 3 of these
"accident port mann october 26th" ... and there were like 5 like this one
"Jaelene America's Next Top Model" ... I wonder who was looking this one up?
"Patullo Bridge Haunted" ... Could be?
"amir perri" ... Goondi Goochi?
"vancouver kid carson" ... dude is short

and my personal faves:

"Why can't I pee in straight line?" ... hmmm I have no idea?
"smelling female asscrack" ... yikes
"pee dancing females" ... double yikes

If you aren't laughing right now then there is something wrong with you.


nat said...

OMG. too funny. i was just looking at my searches right before i read your site...
mine are retarded today.

- MySpace bridget female 29 minneapolis
- different moustaches
- disposing of a jimson seed plant
- snappeas
- cheap prostitute whore

it's so entertaining though... really makes you wonder what some people are doing on the internet...

Anonymous said...

Hey !! I didn't ever look up Jaelene AMT but it says Jaslene so people just spell it wrong

Danielle said...

Oh man I have another good one...

"Using pee to make GHB"

Now that is just SICK.