Tuesday, November 27, 2007

me's gonna puke from cuteness

The new mascots for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are the freakin' cutest things I have ever seen!

They are:

Miga, the sea bear (orca whale that transforms into a spirit bear on land), who enjoys snowboarding...

Quatchi, the sasquatch that loves to play hockey...

Sumi, the part brown bear, part orca, part thunderbird...

and their sidekick... Muk Muk the marmot.

I included some pics so you can get an idea of their cuteness... But to get the full-meal-deal you need to visit the website: http://www.vancouver2010.com/mascot where you can watch an adorable movie about them and do the quiz to see which mascot you are. (I'm a "Quatchi.")

Oh... something fun for those of you like myself who are easily amused: When you drag your clicker over them they say their names... Do it fast and they rap. S-s-s-s-umi!

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