Thursday, November 08, 2007

Halloween Numbero Deux

Halloween was a crazy ass night... So on Wednesday we decided to do it again!

Jae and I got all prettied up in our costumes, picked up some boys, and headed downtown to the Bourbon. Her friend Alan is a guitar player in this band called Mass Undergoe, who were playing a concert alongside Elise's friends who are in the band Tenant.

On the way down I pulled a full-on blonde moment. We were discussing what music we wanted to listen to, and I mentioned that I would put on the radio, but that it would be all house music. Jae was like "What do you mean?" and I'm like "It's all house music and I don't like all house music" and she's like "WHY is it house music?" and I'm like "It's Saturday night; It's all house music!" and she's like "Danielle, it's WEDNESDAY!!" DUH!!!!!

We got there and all the guys in Mass Undergoe were dressed up as the Spice Girls. It was awesome. Jae's friend was the best... He was Scary Spice and actually looked kinda good in drag. Honestly, he looked a lot like Tila Tequila in his gear.

After the concerts we decided to leave, and hit up good ol' Vanilla Room for a drink... Then we went to BP and then crashed. It was a fun nite.

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