Sunday, November 18, 2007

Do I look Brown?

So after playing phone tag for what was literally 2 weeks, I finally went out on a date with the guy I met when we crashed the party on Halloween.

I was supposed to meet him downtown, but I finished school early, so I went to meet him on the North Shore, where he lives. We totally got along and had fun and he made me laugh, but there are a few things that would make a relationship a little tricky:

1. I remembered him being super cute... and when I finally saw him he was... ok. I know looks aren't everything, but you need that spark.

2. He doesn't have a driver's license. This would not be a problem if we both lived downtown... But when he lives in North Van and I live in Langley, that makes things a little hard.

3. He is a bartender (Why are they ALWAYS bartenders???) who is TRYING to get into school... FILM school. Argh.

We met up and had some lunch and some drinks at the pub in N. Van... Then went back to his place so his friend could pick up some keys, and then it was just about time for him to go to work.

He asked me if on my way back downtown I could drop him off at work... which would be fine, if dropping him off was actually on my way home... but I couldn't say no without sounding like a bitch, so I agreed. Normally to get home from the North Shore I would take the freeway. Instead I had to drive from North Van to Kits to drop him off, then back to the valley. Well let me tell you... there is NO good way to get from Kits to Langley. Taking either Highway 1 or Highway 99 I would have a good half hour of city driving to do... plus the freeway driving. I was not impressed.

He called me that night... at 5:30 in the morning (Yikes.) Then the next night, at 12:30pm. Then the next night at 2:30am.

I didn't answer any of them... or return any of them... I kinda felt like a cow, but sorry, I just can't be anyone's taxi driver.

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