Sunday, November 18, 2007


I have to say it: There is NOTHING worse than a needy, desperate GUY.

Girls are made to be needy. We have two X chromosomes, therefore we are emotional, we need self assurance, and yes, we can get a little clingy. I know that I personally can be clingy... but at least I know I have a problem and am taking steps to resolve it. And what do guys hate? Clingy girls. We hear all the time how guys hate clingy girls. A girl calls a guy twice in a row and she's immediately a stalker and never talked to by him again.

They fail to recognize that a lot of guys are the same way, but us girls put up with it a lot better.

I see how it can be hard for a dude. Us gals want a sensitive guy, and one that is attentive... just not TOO attentive because 1. it's annoying, and 2. we like the chase too.

Most guys are ok. Most of them aren't needy... or at least won't show it until a lil farther into the relationship (aka when THEY dump you and then call you crying wanting you back), but when a guy is clingy... he takes it to the next level. WAY beyond what even the clingiest (yes, I just made that a word) lady would do.

Think 10 missed calls in one night... Think adding you to MSN when you delete them from Facebook... Think asking you out for the 6th time when you have already politely declined 5 times before, forcing you to be kinda mean about it this time to get your point across, at which point THEY get upset and think you are a bitch. Well at least that is one way to get rid of them.

Am I right ladies? I need some feedback... aka... leave me a comment!


Anonymous said...

I have worse. I'd say its cuz you're too nice but..............

Anonymous said...

girls like you who analyze what they think a guy should or should not due only sets you up for failure. Heres a tip sweetheart, get off your high horse and realize its not all about you. Perhaps you could change your name from single white female one day. But i doubt it, you already sound tainted. good things theres TONNS of girls out there who dont have this problem.

Prettie Gidda said...

Ouch!!! That comment probably hurt!

vancityrockgirl said...

i love that comments like that are only conveniently left by "anonymous" people, lol.
if you wanna talk trash at least have the balls to leave a name. coward.

ANYWAYS, i agree. clingy guys are a somewhat rarer breed than their female counterparts, but when you find one... boy oh boy.
i once went out with a guy, and wasn't into hiom.. for no real reason, just no spark. and so when he called the next day, i didn't answer.
well he kept calling. 12 times. finally i got a guy at work to answer the phone pretending to be my boyfriend.
get this, the guy called back again! ...left me a message saying how he hoped he didn't get me in trouble becuase my boyfriend sounded mad, lol.
insane much?

Danielle said...

I agree Nat. I love people who have opinions, but at least have the guts to admit who you are.

Also, if Mr Annonymous had read the whole thing he would see that I started it off saying that I am not perfect and that I make mistakes too, and that the majority of guys are not like this.

The fact that he took it to heart and got defensive leaves me to believe he is probably one of the lovely gentlemen I had written about in the first place.