Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What I Remember...

Well people, Danielle tied one on Saturday night. I mean, I was DRUNK!

After I dropped my parents off at home from their trip I busted my bum to get ready and headed out to Vancouver to meet up with some girlfriends from school. I told them to have a nice, strong drink ready for me.

Well when I got there, I drank it... All 4 shots of it... And another martini... And had some sips of Smirnoff Ice.

We headed to the club, but the lineup at Republic was a little crazy, so we headed to old faithful, aka the Stone Temple. Once there I had a shooter and another drink. This is where things get hazy.

I do recall the bartender letting me behind the bar... Where I proceeded to tell him that we had fooled around before, which was true, but it was a long time ago and he didn't even remember. Embarassing much? OUCH! But I mean he is a bartender so I'm sure he takes a LOT of girls home. Also at the bar I apparently grabbed Jae's ex bf's drink (straight up Vodka) and dumped it into my drink. Luckily they saw and she took it away from me.

I remember puking in the bathroom and Jaelene taking me home, where I puked more. A LOT mroe. She took my bra off so I would be more comfy, and apparently I was squirming around and giggling and said "Ooh, I've never had a GIRL take my bra off before!" and she got me some sweatpants. Then she tucked me in to the comfiest bed ever.

(ASIDE: Shit... I just remembered the water I put on the stove to make myself some KD has probably been sitting there boiling for like 10 mins.)

I woke up to a major headache, and the news that my Papa had passed away the night before. Sad, I know. It was expected though, and honestly I'm not supremely upset about it or anything. I almost feel like I should be more upset, but he had Alzheimers and Dementia anyways and hadn't recognized me for a while. That is life I guess.

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