Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i ain't 'fraid 'a no ghost...

To start off Halloween Jae and I met up with her friend downtown and had some dinner... FYI... Greek food=Greek burps, ew. We got into our super cute Gretel and Gretchen the Oktoberfest Beer Girl costumes and headed out.

Even though we got to Plush at like 9:15 and we were on the VIP list there was already a huge line. GREAT! Finally we got in and got some drinks.

These two guys approached us and asked if we wanted some shots, so we agreed and walked over to the bar with them. Where they asked us what we wanted... then proceeded to order two tequilas for themselves and walk away.... OK guys... That is NOT the way to pick up girls!

We saw some girls dancing in this cage thing that is up by the DJ booth... So we decided that WE needed to be those girls. I asked a bouncer how we could get up there and he was a jerk and told me that I needed to be invited and I wasn't going up there... Well where there's a will there's a way. One of the promoters came upto us and asked if he could take our pic for the website. I said of course and asked who we needed to be invited by to get in the cage... Well it was him. So we danced up there for a while, sipping our free Alize's.

After that we were kinda done with the club, so we decided to grab some pizza and head home. As we were leaving I saw this guy I kinda recognized. I was like, "Jaelene... That is Kid Carson." And she's like "No it's not, he's taller than that." So we walk out behind him and hear him talking and it is indeed Kid Carson.

We leave and walk up the street to get a cab... And Kid and his friends (who are dressed as the "Dick in a Box" guys) walk up behind us, where one of them starts talking up Jae. Kid doesn't say hi and prettymuch keeps walking, and his friends follow and one tells us to come... So after a long walk we arrive at Republic, where we get in free and don't wait in line... So that was good. But I felt like a total loser for following Kid's "Entourage" across Vancouver. The best part was that they didn't know that we knew who he was hahaha. Jaelene was like "Kid, nope that name doesn't sound familiar.... Oh no, I don't listen to the radio in the morning!"

We stay at Republic for a while. One of my friends was there and was super wasted and telling off the bartender. Then we decide we really need to go home and get some pizza this time, so we start walking to the place we are staying downtown.

We get to the building finally after talking to plenty of randoms and having some Numero Uno (YUM) along the way, but before we go inside we notice a house party on the 1st floor... Which we decide to attend. So we go in and all these guys are chatting us up, and it's open bar... So we hang around for a while. I ended up talking to this one guy and gave him my number... So we'll see if he calls. Jaelene ended up dj-ing... But she wasn't very good hahaha.

Then we finally went home where I slept in the comfiest bed ever... And thus ends Halloween... Well until the real Halloween that is ;)

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