Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Do Your Exercises!

This is very strange:

I was sitting at the airport, waiting for my parents to arrive from London when I came across a "Hedonics" catalogue. It's just a catalogue full of various cool or helpful stuff you can order and I was flipping through it as I waited.

I turn to page 42... and what do I see? Well an Adjustible KEGEL Exerciser.... That's what! It is pretty much a miniature thigh master that you stick in your coochie to strengthen the coochie muscles.

The kicker is that it costs 50 bucks! I'd rather just get tight by not being a whore, thanks!

Anyways, I had doubts people would believe me... So I scanned it. Take a look... And don't forget to do your exerces... I'm doing mine right now ;)

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