Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i ain't 'fraid 'a no ghost...

To start off Halloween Jae and I met up with her friend downtown and had some dinner... FYI... Greek food=Greek burps, ew. We got into our super cute Gretel and Gretchen the Oktoberfest Beer Girl costumes and headed out.

Even though we got to Plush at like 9:15 and we were on the VIP list there was already a huge line. GREAT! Finally we got in and got some drinks.

These two guys approached us and asked if we wanted some shots, so we agreed and walked over to the bar with them. Where they asked us what we wanted... then proceeded to order two tequilas for themselves and walk away.... OK guys... That is NOT the way to pick up girls!

We saw some girls dancing in this cage thing that is up by the DJ booth... So we decided that WE needed to be those girls. I asked a bouncer how we could get up there and he was a jerk and told me that I needed to be invited and I wasn't going up there... Well where there's a will there's a way. One of the promoters came upto us and asked if he could take our pic for the website. I said of course and asked who we needed to be invited by to get in the cage... Well it was him. So we danced up there for a while, sipping our free Alize's.

After that we were kinda done with the club, so we decided to grab some pizza and head home. As we were leaving I saw this guy I kinda recognized. I was like, "Jaelene... That is Kid Carson." And she's like "No it's not, he's taller than that." So we walk out behind him and hear him talking and it is indeed Kid Carson.

We leave and walk up the street to get a cab... And Kid and his friends (who are dressed as the "Dick in a Box" guys) walk up behind us, where one of them starts talking up Jae. Kid doesn't say hi and prettymuch keeps walking, and his friends follow and one tells us to come... So after a long walk we arrive at Republic, where we get in free and don't wait in line... So that was good. But I felt like a total loser for following Kid's "Entourage" across Vancouver. The best part was that they didn't know that we knew who he was hahaha. Jaelene was like "Kid, nope that name doesn't sound familiar.... Oh no, I don't listen to the radio in the morning!"

We stay at Republic for a while. One of my friends was there and was super wasted and telling off the bartender. Then we decide we really need to go home and get some pizza this time, so we start walking to the place we are staying downtown.

We get to the building finally after talking to plenty of randoms and having some Numero Uno (YUM) along the way, but before we go inside we notice a house party on the 1st floor... Which we decide to attend. So we go in and all these guys are chatting us up, and it's open bar... So we hang around for a while. I ended up talking to this one guy and gave him my number... So we'll see if he calls. Jaelene ended up dj-ing... But she wasn't very good hahaha.

Then we finally went home where I slept in the comfiest bed ever... And thus ends Halloween... Well until the real Halloween that is ;)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally Updates!

Helloooo people! I know it has been 2 weeks or so since my last post, but it has been 2 weeks of hellish studying and writing final exams for me. 'Nuff said. Just because I haven't been putting my thoughs out there, doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of stuff to write, so I have a little update of mini's for you:

- The other day on the Beat there was an ad for Urban Body Laser, saying that if you came in to get a Brazilian you could get your "Bunny Tail" done for free. Well that's a nice way of putting it... I prefer hairy ass crack, but to each their own.

- Also on the Radio I heard that DJ Jazzy Jeff is coming to town to do a concert. That guy is still alive? Who knew?

- Oh, and speaking of The Fresh Prince... One of the girls on this season of "America's Next Top Model" looks like Will Smith's twin. At least she's better looking than a girl who was on a few seasons ago that looked like "Miss Jay."

- I just finished reading the worst book ever. It's called "Tidal Wave" and it's one of the many "dirty" novels my mom gave me a garbage bag filled with to read when I was bored. Anyways it's too bad for words. Good thing I read the whole thing. Why can't I be a quitter?

- I SERIOUSLY put my foot in my mouth the other day: I was telling this guy how I am scared shitless of semi trucks because I am sure that is how I am going to die... And he was like "Well they know what they are doing," and I'm like, "Yeah right they do! They are the worst!" ... Then he tells me about how his uncle and dad drove semis... His dad who passed away 5 years ago. Way to go Danielle! Insult someone's dead father!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Bridges... Grrr

I had school at 1:00 today, and I had some extra reading to do so I left home at 11:45...I got to school at 2:20....It SUCKED!!!

There was a huge accident on the Port Mann bridge, so Highway 1 was completely blocked off at the 104/160th street exit and traffic was diverted into Surrey. My only other option was to take the Patullo... So then I sat in traffic on the King George... forever.

Also, I had to pee SO BAD. I was praying for a gas station, but alas, there were none in sight. Finally I saw a Chevron... Peeing has never felt so good.

I got back on the road and once I hit the bridge traffic wasn't too bad.

Please people... DRIVE CAREFULLY. If not for your own sake, then for the sake of the hundreds of people who have to be hours late for school because you drive like an ass.

z z z zoooser

My parents got back from their Mediterranean (spelling?) trip a few weeks ago, and yesterday my sister and I received the postcards they had sent while they were in Egypt. Here is the one I got:

See what is says? ZOSER. Yes, my parents think I'm a Zoser. I'm a big Zucking Zoser!

Friday, October 05, 2007

My New Favourite Car

Just in case any of you happen to win the lottery soon and decide to buy me a car... This is the one I want: a BMW 2007 650i Cabriolet. Look at it... It's just be-a-u-tiful!

Look at its beautiful front:Look at its beautiful ass: Look at it's beautiful guts:How hot would I be in that car? LOVE IT!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What I Remember...

Well people, Danielle tied one on Saturday night. I mean, I was DRUNK!

After I dropped my parents off at home from their trip I busted my bum to get ready and headed out to Vancouver to meet up with some girlfriends from school. I told them to have a nice, strong drink ready for me.

Well when I got there, I drank it... All 4 shots of it... And another martini... And had some sips of Smirnoff Ice.

We headed to the club, but the lineup at Republic was a little crazy, so we headed to old faithful, aka the Stone Temple. Once there I had a shooter and another drink. This is where things get hazy.

I do recall the bartender letting me behind the bar... Where I proceeded to tell him that we had fooled around before, which was true, but it was a long time ago and he didn't even remember. Embarassing much? OUCH! But I mean he is a bartender so I'm sure he takes a LOT of girls home. Also at the bar I apparently grabbed Jae's ex bf's drink (straight up Vodka) and dumped it into my drink. Luckily they saw and she took it away from me.

I remember puking in the bathroom and Jaelene taking me home, where I puked more. A LOT mroe. She took my bra off so I would be more comfy, and apparently I was squirming around and giggling and said "Ooh, I've never had a GIRL take my bra off before!" and she got me some sweatpants. Then she tucked me in to the comfiest bed ever.

(ASIDE: Shit... I just remembered the water I put on the stove to make myself some KD has probably been sitting there boiling for like 10 mins.)

I woke up to a major headache, and the news that my Papa had passed away the night before. Sad, I know. It was expected though, and honestly I'm not supremely upset about it or anything. I almost feel like I should be more upset, but he had Alzheimers and Dementia anyways and hadn't recognized me for a while. That is life I guess.

Mother Mary

So a few mornings lately I have felt kinda nauseous... And my boobs have been strangely sore. I know what you are thinking.... She's preggo!

Well if I am it would have had to been an immaculate conception... So I have been thinking of names for the new little one.

I think Jesus Jr has a nice ring to it, but it might be kinda obvious. What about Godfrey? You know, after his papa... But what if it's a girl... Jesusina?

Oh wait, I know... Sister Mary Clarence. Maybe she'll come out with dreads.... That would be cool!

Do Your Exercises!

This is very strange:

I was sitting at the airport, waiting for my parents to arrive from London when I came across a "Hedonics" catalogue. It's just a catalogue full of various cool or helpful stuff you can order and I was flipping through it as I waited.

I turn to page 42... and what do I see? Well an Adjustible KEGEL Exerciser.... That's what! It is pretty much a miniature thigh master that you stick in your coochie to strengthen the coochie muscles.

The kicker is that it costs 50 bucks! I'd rather just get tight by not being a whore, thanks!

Anyways, I had doubts people would believe me... So I scanned it. Take a look... And don't forget to do your exerces... I'm doing mine right now ;)