Thursday, September 13, 2007

Timber, Timba and ... Good Charlotte?

I went to the Justin Timberlake concert September 5th and it was grrrrreat!

Good Charlotte opened the show. Yeah I know... Kind of a strange combination. They weren't actually too bad though. The highlight was them singing that song: "Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money," which I had totally forgotten about. That song is good damnit! I went to the show with Elise and we spent the whole opening act screaming: "Oh my God! It's Good Charlotte... Oh my God, like the lead single like totally looked at me, he like totally likes me." ... "Oh yeah right, he like totally told me that he's like leaving that whore Nicole Richie for me ok!"

Then... out came Justin... Oh yeah!
He put on a really good show with lots of dancing, which he is really good at, obviously. He also played a buncha instruments... piano, guitar, keyboard around the neck thingy.

What I really liked about the concert though is that he seemed like a real, genuine person. First off he said the F-word few times... I was like huh? Justin? Wow! Also, he was funny.... When he first came out he was like "Ok, I may be Captain Obvious here, but this is my first show in Vancouver," and talked about how he was supposed to be here in 2003 but the show was cancelled because of customs (You're telling me buddy, I had tickets for that!) Then he went on to say that it "smelled funny" in GM Place... and near the end of the concert yelled: "If you got it left, smoke it!" He also said that he had noticed something about Canadians... and did a "drinking" motion... Then got everyone to cheers him and did a shot of tequila.

Halfway through the show Timbaland came out and they did a few songs together... Then Justin took a break and Timba spun some songs... Including some Aaliyah and some The Fray. The Justin came back up and finished up the show.
All in all it was really good and I would totally go to see him again. We also had really good seats, which was great. Next up I'm going to watch the Rihanna/Akon concert in a suite for FREE on Saturday! YAY!

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