Monday, September 24, 2007

A Question

Scene: You are driving in your car with your best friend.

You: Wow... check out that chick in the F150 with the short hair... is she ugly or what?

Friend: Chick? I thought that was a dude! A hot dude!

You can see what I'm getting at here: people who you can't tell at first glance if they are a man or woman. I'm not talking cross-dressers, or people who are "stuck in the wrong body." I'm talking people who just have that look where you can't tell either way. I mean I saw a dude at the pub on Saturday night with the longest, lushest hair ever... Like Pantene Pro-V hair. Why? Why?

We all know they exist... The question is do THEY know they exist? Does the chick in baggy jeans and a hat know she looks like a boy? Does the dude with the Angelina Jolie lips know he looks a little femme? If you are one of those people who people take a minute to decipher their sex do you know?

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