Monday, September 10, 2007

Oopsie Doopsie

Ok people... So you remember the "He's Just Not That Into You" guy? Well as it turns out he actually WAS sick with food poisoning, missed 2 days of work and all that jazz. Hey, I feel for him... my last night/plane ride home from Cuba was NOT fun.

He sent me a message on Facebook explaining himself, because he wasn't really impressed with me blogging about him being a liar... oops! So here it is, my official retraction: dude is not a liar.

Honestly though, it's not my fault I didn't believe him. It's like the story of the boy who cried wolf... When he actually told the truth no one believed him... See? I have been lied to so many times by guys that when one is actually telling me the truth I think it's bullshit. Wow, I am jaded... or is it bitter? No, not bitter yet, maybe in a few years.

After this whole ordeal the guy, who we will now refer to as "two-times guy" ... for the two times he stood me up ... (which I think is better than "food poisoning guy," ) and I went out for some drinks and a movie last Friday. It was actually really fun. He was pretty funny... (or was it the 5-ish drinks I consumed?) and we got along really well. Everything was great except the movie. FYI: NEVER EVER go see Halloween. It is the worst movie I have ever seen... literally.

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