Monday, September 03, 2007


I am still house sitting for my uncle, and it has led me to think about a certain question... Can cats, and other animals, be gay?

I recently caught one of my uncle's male cats giving the other one an RJ (you know... rim job...) while the other cat licked that cat's head. Yeah I know, it was gross... But it made me think... are they gay?

It's my personal belief that homosexuality has to do strongly with genetics, and MAYBE some upbringing. I disagree that people "choose" that lifestyle, because I don't know why people would choose a life that is likely to make things harder on themselves... So if people can be gay by some random mix of DNA, then why not our furry friends too? Think about it... But not too hard you pervert!

Also I was thinking... If I buy them some pink furry collars I have just under a year to walk them in the Gay Pride Parade next year. I'm so excited!

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