Monday, August 13, 2007

Upset, Angry and a little bit Nauseous...

So... it is midterm week at school. Yikes.

I'm just gonna say it: I am pretty smart. If I study for a test I am probably going to do well on it. We had one midterm last week and I'm pretty sure I did fine. This week we have 5 more.

I went to school this morning and wrote one midterm which went just dandy. I probably got in the 80's to 90's. After that, because we were finished writing so early, a bunch of us took off to IHOP for some yummy grease before our second midterm of the day.

Upon our return we discovered that our school is trying apparently trying to make us fail our afternoon test. According to the administration the test our teacher made up for us wasn't long or hard enough, so as well as writing it we were going to write an extra exam... So we then had a 40-question exam AND a 50-question exam to write. Ok fine... 90 questions for a midterm is reasonable.

BUT, the kicker is that the 50-question exam contained questions about information we hadn't even learned yet! They said that they will take out those questions... but who is to say that they will do it fairly?

ALSO, even the original exam contained questions (6 or 7 of them, out of 40) that weren't in our notes, after our teacher had told us that 99% of the exam would be taken directly from the notes! If she had told us to study the notes and the text I would have! Instead I studied only the notes so I had no idea of the answers.

I probably got about 75% on the original exam (not great) ... and like 45%?? on the harder one. When we need 70% to pass this does not make me very happy. Nor does it raise my confidence for the 3 upcoming exams this week. Sometimes I just want to give up!

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