Thursday, August 23, 2007


Midterms are over now, but that doesn't mean the stress is gone. So far we have gotten our marks back on a few tests and I did really well. (I even tied for best mark in the dreaded Microbiology.)

Tomorrow we are supposed to find out what they are doing about the whole Radiology two-test situation. The whole thing is bad news. Our teacher is mad and thinking about quitting and all the students are worried about our grades. The whole thing is just bull.

Besides that we have a whole ton of assignments due soon. We have 4 due on the 14th of September, then one the Monday after that, and then 2 more after that... or is it 3? I can't even keep them straight anymore. I mean at least some are interesting (a disease... I think I am going to do Ebola,) but some are sooo boring. Streptococci vs Staphylococci? BOOOO.

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