Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Strange Day

Ok... So today has been a little weird. Not a lot weird... But a little bit. I am in a weird mood and I need to blog-it-out.

I woke up at 6 am this morning feeling surprisingly rested and happy. Then I got to school and had lab... Did some probing... Made some probing jokes:

"Ok...Put it in." "It is in." "Well it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!"

"Harder... Deeper...Faster."

"I'm going to stick my probe into your 4-inch pocket."

... and so on and so forth. Honestly... I don't try to be the class clown... but I am just funnier than anyone else there.

After lab we had Head and Neck Anatomy. After about the first 15 minutes of that class I started to get this major rage welling up inside of me. Part of it was finding out that we were going to have 3 assignments due in Microbiology that the teacher hadn't even told us about yet. Then there was his alluding to someone who was arguing their mark on a quiz question ... Well it was ME ok! I admitted to the whole class that it was me! But the biggest part of it is the super annoying lady (see my previous post.) I just can't take her!

After a delicious lunch of "sush" we came back for some Microbiology. (Wow protozoans sure cause a LOT of different kinds of diarrhea.) The teacher told me to shut up and face the front. He also told CeCe that he wanted to play hockey with her and he wanted her to be the goalie so he could shoot slap-shots at her face. It's such a loving, caring, nurturing environment! Also during that class I got into one of those moods where you start laughing and can't stop even when you are crying. ("Well why do they allow cats in the delivery room?")

After Micro I went home, had some salmon, watched some Big Brother (not the same since Nick was booted) and then studied for a bit. Then I watched Canadian Idol.

Now it is now. Wow that's some deep thought there. Bedtime. Oh wait my sister just walked in the door and she is being a bitch. Just thought I'd throw that in for good measure.

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