Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Smart Guys

Today I went to the library at UBC to do some research for my school projects. We were in the Woodward Library, which is library for the medical/dental/biology-type students. Right when we got there I saw two hot guys... And since they were in that building it also means that they are smart... And possibly becoming doctors... That is HOT. (Don't read too much into this if you are reading it Matt... You are still a nerd!)

Well anyways, it got me to thinking that I really should go hang out there more often. There's nowhere to meet smart guys in Langley... Believe me. Hells Angels yes, good looking intelligent men, no. You aren't going to meet any doctors hanging out at UCFV either. Every dude there is either taking criminology or kinesiology... Translation: wannabe cops and gym teachers. No thanks.

Oh yeah... While we were there we were researching infectious diseases. I am doing my paper on Ebola (so cool) and was looking through this huge book with pictures of different diseases. I happened to turn to the the STD section and it was not pretty. There was a pic of a guy who had HPV on his dick and it was all bumpy and it looked like there was caviar on it. SICK I tell ya. No glove no love people!

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