Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Sitting of the House

Again I am house sitting... And I lasted more than 3 hours this time... YAY!

My aunt and uncle are away so I am staying at their house in Coquitlam with their two cats. Although these cats aren't possessed hell-cats like the ones I previously encountered, they are still quite a pain in the ass. First off one of them peed on my favourite jeans... While they were in my duffel bag... He did manage to do it without getting pee on anything else though, so I guess that was kinda thoughtful... If cats think? They think about food I guess... And sleeping... Well I guess they sleep without thinking about it... Ok Dani, stop Spiralling... Back to the story... They also tend to wake me up in the middle of the night (FYI it was 4 times last night,) by either chewing on my toes or standing by my face and meowing... Loudly. Neither of them are too fun... But I do manage to bring the toe biting into my dreams... (Read into that what you want!)

The house in Coquitlam is in a quaint little gated community, and to go with the 50's style community their house happens to be where stuff from the 70's goes to die. There is a lot of GHETTO stuff here. Furniture: ghetto, washer and dryer: ghetto, gate clicker: SUPER ghetto. My uncle's cell phone is hardcore Zack Morris style. In their bathroom is what I believe to be the first digital scale ever invented. You get the picture. Along with the ghetto stuff there are a lot of stuffed animals. Some of them are from the 70's too... Or at least the 80's.

The best part about staying here is that they left the new Harry Potter book. I am almost finished it... You can do it Harry... You tell 'ol Voldy who's boss!


Anonymous said...

Where in the "Coq" are you staying?? Perhaps close to me???


Danielle said...

It's on Glen.