Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Hell Cats

At this moment I was supposed to be house-sitting for a family in Burnaby. Last Sunday I packed up all my stuff: clothes, pillow, school books, food etc. and headed out there. I arrived brought in all my stuff and all was good.

Then I went to clean the litter boxes. Yes... There are 4 of them... For 2 cats. These people REALLY love their cats. Like people. So I do that and they are kinda following me around and one of them (the small one, not the 18-pounder) starts to growl and hiss a little, but I pay it no attention.

The cats have followed me around a little as I explored, the one still doing a bit of hissing and growling. Then I went downstairs, grabbed a couple taquitos to throw in the over, and came back up. Well they were blocking the top of the stairs. I tried to go by and the cat really started to growl and hiss bad... I kept walking... and it ATTACKED ME!! All 4 of its legs were wrapped around my leg, claws bared! I shook it off and rushed to the kitchen to discover that I was totally bleeding!

I decided to go upstairs and get a band-aid and some ointment, only to discover I was totally trapped in the kitchen. They were blocking the entrance! Then my phone (which was in the living room) rang and I couldn't even get to it.

I used some treats to distract them and get by to my phone....But when I tried to go upstiairs again they were too smart to be tricked by the treats. After being attacked once again I called the neighbour that usually feeds the cats to come over.

She was shocked they were acting like this...Especially when the one that was really acting crazy was the usually quiet one that hides. She called the other neighbour to come over.

Long story short (well it's already long but I could make it longer,) I decided to get the hell outta dodge and never come back.

I hate those crazy hell cats! I was sooo rattled that I was actually crying! And I am a cat person too! You might think this is funny... But it was actually scary... Especially the trapping me parts!

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