Monday, August 06, 2007

August Long

Ooook... Well I didn't do a whole lotta anything this August long weekend. It is officially a year until my sister gets married and moves out though... So that is a plus.

Friday night I had a headache so I just stayed home and went to bed early. Lame, I know! Something interesting did happen Friday though... The guy who I had been talking to/texting back and forth with, then went to Merritt and I had barely heard from since texted me. I had given up on him... especially since his status on Facebook had changed to "in a relationship" with some girl (with HUGE fake boobies) ... But then on Thursday it went back to "single" and then he texted me Friday. Hmmm convenient! So we will see what happens there.

Saturday was "family fun night" so I stayed home and family dinner and played some cards and some "Apples to Apples." I lost... Bad.

Sunday I went across the line to Burlington ( home of the famed coat factory... they're more than great coats) to go shopping for my sister's wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. The border wait was less than fun... except for sticking my head through the sunroof and waving at the little kids in the car behind us. We did find some fabulous bridesmaid dresses though. I can't wait to wear them... They are SO cute!

Monday (today) I pretty much sat on my ass and did nada... Well I did do the dishes... So that's something. Tomorrow is back to school. Which means that midterms are almost here... argh!

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