Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finally... I am learning

As most of you know, I never seem to learn my lesson when it comes to guys. I meet a guy, jump in heart first, get emotionally involved too early, and end up hurt. I also come on too strong and scare guys away, but that is a different story... Ok well there probably is a connection but that isn't the point.

(I will preface this by saying I had recently re-read "He's Just Not That Into You." That book makes you think I tell ya.)

Last Wednesday I was supposed to hang out with a guy for the first time, but he cancelled on me saying that he had forgotten that he had a work thing that he was required to attend and asked if we could reschedule. I agreed and we planned to hang out on Saturday. I told him that since he had cancelled it was upto him to plan something super fun. He let me know that he had something good planned and I was getting excited. Saturday came around and it was rainy, so we couldn't do the big suprise, but he was going to go for lunch with a friend then come over and hang out with me. I didn't hear from him until around 3, when I got a text saying that he wasn't feeling well.

Normally I would have been all like "Oh no problem..." and reschedule again... But YES, I have learned my lesson. If the guy wanted to hang out with me that much he wouldn't have cancelled. I texted back saying that if he didn't want to hang out with me he could just say so, to which he replied that he wouldn't lie about something like that. Sure buddy! I wrote back saying that I am a smart girl and after two times can take a hint... Well I got no reply, meaning I was right. He's just not that into me... and that's fine!

Smart Guys

Today I went to the library at UBC to do some research for my school projects. We were in the Woodward Library, which is library for the medical/dental/biology-type students. Right when we got there I saw two hot guys... And since they were in that building it also means that they are smart... And possibly becoming doctors... That is HOT. (Don't read too much into this if you are reading it Matt... You are still a nerd!)

Well anyways, it got me to thinking that I really should go hang out there more often. There's nowhere to meet smart guys in Langley... Believe me. Hells Angels yes, good looking intelligent men, no. You aren't going to meet any doctors hanging out at UCFV either. Every dude there is either taking criminology or kinesiology... Translation: wannabe cops and gym teachers. No thanks.

Oh yeah... While we were there we were researching infectious diseases. I am doing my paper on Ebola (so cool) and was looking through this huge book with pictures of different diseases. I happened to turn to the the STD section and it was not pretty. There was a pic of a guy who had HPV on his dick and it was all bumpy and it looked like there was caviar on it. SICK I tell ya. No glove no love people!

The Sitting of the House

Again I am house sitting... And I lasted more than 3 hours this time... YAY!

My aunt and uncle are away so I am staying at their house in Coquitlam with their two cats. Although these cats aren't possessed hell-cats like the ones I previously encountered, they are still quite a pain in the ass. First off one of them peed on my favourite jeans... While they were in my duffel bag... He did manage to do it without getting pee on anything else though, so I guess that was kinda thoughtful... If cats think? They think about food I guess... And sleeping... Well I guess they sleep without thinking about it... Ok Dani, stop Spiralling... Back to the story... They also tend to wake me up in the middle of the night (FYI it was 4 times last night,) by either chewing on my toes or standing by my face and meowing... Loudly. Neither of them are too fun... But I do manage to bring the toe biting into my dreams... (Read into that what you want!)

The house in Coquitlam is in a quaint little gated community, and to go with the 50's style community their house happens to be where stuff from the 70's goes to die. There is a lot of GHETTO stuff here. Furniture: ghetto, washer and dryer: ghetto, gate clicker: SUPER ghetto. My uncle's cell phone is hardcore Zack Morris style. In their bathroom is what I believe to be the first digital scale ever invented. You get the picture. Along with the ghetto stuff there are a lot of stuffed animals. Some of them are from the 70's too... Or at least the 80's.

The best part about staying here is that they left the new Harry Potter book. I am almost finished it... You can do it Harry... You tell 'ol Voldy who's boss!


Hello... Hello... Helloooo

I just wanted to drop a quick "hi" to my new readers... I know that makes me sound super conceited ( I'm totally going to be at local celebrity status soon... Like Kid Carson or Tamara Taggert or Taylor Pyatt ... swoon) but I don't mean it like that! I'm glad I can keep you guys amused and that you care enough to read about my life. Keep up with the reading and go ahead and bug me when I have been lazy... Sometimes I need a good kick in the ass. I also love comments!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Midterms are over now, but that doesn't mean the stress is gone. So far we have gotten our marks back on a few tests and I did really well. (I even tied for best mark in the dreaded Microbiology.)

Tomorrow we are supposed to find out what they are doing about the whole Radiology two-test situation. The whole thing is bad news. Our teacher is mad and thinking about quitting and all the students are worried about our grades. The whole thing is just bull.

Besides that we have a whole ton of assignments due soon. We have 4 due on the 14th of September, then one the Monday after that, and then 2 more after that... or is it 3? I can't even keep them straight anymore. I mean at least some are interesting (a disease... I think I am going to do Ebola,) but some are sooo boring. Streptococci vs Staphylococci? BOOOO.

Weekend ... YAY

Friday after midterms I hosted an apres-midterm BBQ celebration for the students in my class. I think it got pulled off pretty well. 12 out of the 30 students in our class showed up. We all had fun drinking and eating burgers and making fun on the only guy there (MANSLAW!)

After the BBQ the 5 of us who had stuck it out to the end decided that we needed to hit up the bar and let off some steam. We got ready to go, (one of the girls even let my sister cut her hair while they both were drunk,) and headed to Vanilla Room.

When we first arrived it was kinda dead, but then in about a half hour it picked up. I had a really good time chatting it up with EVERYONE... bouncers (including the ones that kicked me out before,) bartenders (including "bartender boy"... still cute... sigh) and random girls in the bathroom. I was also wearing heels that were way too high for me and I had trouble walking so I looked way drunker than I was. The girls who came with me were to quote my mom "a hoot." They are way more fun outside of school.

At the end of the night I spent a half hour talking to the front doorman while two of the girls played with the ID swiper thing. The door guy was wearing a bulletproof vest which I found kinda funny... I was like "Dude, you're in Langley... You are gonna get stabbed, not shot!" He added me to Facebook the next day and is super funny. He says that he graduated from USU - Ultimate Snuggler University. My kinda guy!

Speaking of that... He was one of 5 guys to leave me messages on Facebook that morning. I am a Facebook PIMP!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Upset, Angry and a little bit Nauseous...

So... it is midterm week at school. Yikes.

I'm just gonna say it: I am pretty smart. If I study for a test I am probably going to do well on it. We had one midterm last week and I'm pretty sure I did fine. This week we have 5 more.

I went to school this morning and wrote one midterm which went just dandy. I probably got in the 80's to 90's. After that, because we were finished writing so early, a bunch of us took off to IHOP for some yummy grease before our second midterm of the day.

Upon our return we discovered that our school is trying apparently trying to make us fail our afternoon test. According to the administration the test our teacher made up for us wasn't long or hard enough, so as well as writing it we were going to write an extra exam... So we then had a 40-question exam AND a 50-question exam to write. Ok fine... 90 questions for a midterm is reasonable.

BUT, the kicker is that the 50-question exam contained questions about information we hadn't even learned yet! They said that they will take out those questions... but who is to say that they will do it fairly?

ALSO, even the original exam contained questions (6 or 7 of them, out of 40) that weren't in our notes, after our teacher had told us that 99% of the exam would be taken directly from the notes! If she had told us to study the notes and the text I would have! Instead I studied only the notes so I had no idea of the answers.

I probably got about 75% on the original exam (not great) ... and like 45%?? on the harder one. When we need 70% to pass this does not make me very happy. Nor does it raise my confidence for the 3 upcoming exams this week. Sometimes I just want to give up!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Strange Day

Ok... So today has been a little weird. Not a lot weird... But a little bit. I am in a weird mood and I need to blog-it-out.

I woke up at 6 am this morning feeling surprisingly rested and happy. Then I got to school and had lab... Did some probing... Made some probing jokes:

"Ok...Put it in." "It is in." "Well it's like throwing a hotdog down a hallway!"

"Harder... Deeper...Faster."

"I'm going to stick my probe into your 4-inch pocket."

... and so on and so forth. Honestly... I don't try to be the class clown... but I am just funnier than anyone else there.

After lab we had Head and Neck Anatomy. After about the first 15 minutes of that class I started to get this major rage welling up inside of me. Part of it was finding out that we were going to have 3 assignments due in Microbiology that the teacher hadn't even told us about yet. Then there was his alluding to someone who was arguing their mark on a quiz question ... Well it was ME ok! I admitted to the whole class that it was me! But the biggest part of it is the super annoying lady (see my previous post.) I just can't take her!

After a delicious lunch of "sush" we came back for some Microbiology. (Wow protozoans sure cause a LOT of different kinds of diarrhea.) The teacher told me to shut up and face the front. He also told CeCe that he wanted to play hockey with her and he wanted her to be the goalie so he could shoot slap-shots at her face. It's such a loving, caring, nurturing environment! Also during that class I got into one of those moods where you start laughing and can't stop even when you are crying. ("Well why do they allow cats in the delivery room?")

After Micro I went home, had some salmon, watched some Big Brother (not the same since Nick was booted) and then studied for a bit. Then I watched Canadian Idol.

Now it is now. Wow that's some deep thought there. Bedtime. Oh wait my sister just walked in the door and she is being a bitch. Just thought I'd throw that in for good measure.

Canadian Idol... You make me SAD

I took a study break tonight to watch Canadian Idol (yes, I am a loser, thanks.)

Well, watching it honestly made me a little nauseous because first off my fave 3 were the bottom 3 of the night... And secondly my very favourite, Greg, got kicked off.

It was so sad. He is an amazing singer (not to mention good looking) and had performed really well the night before.

All I can say is that maybe it's a blessing in disguise and he can release a CD sooner, which will be way better than if he released a cheesy Canadian Idol one. And I will buy it. And listen to it. While picturing him. Naked. (Just kidding! ...?)

The funny thing is too that he was on the show last year and got voted off early and I did a rant about it. Wow, I'm predictable.

Anyways back to the matter at hand which is that Greg's hot... I mean that he will be sorely missed.


There is this 40-something lady in our class who has been a dental assistant for like 20 years and has something to say about EVERYTHING. All topics... all discussions... to do with class or not... she ALWAYS has something to say.

At first I just wanted to tell her to "suck it," (and I did the gesture behind my head for CeCe to see,) but that just isn't satisfying me anymore. I really want to yell at her: "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!"


Honestly... I don't care if you have been in the profession for a long time. (And by the way with all the shit we are learning we are catching upto her anyways.) I don't care if you are the queen of the world. Sit there and stop sucking up and shut your fucking face... Because I can't take it anymore!

Monday, August 06, 2007

August Long

Ooook... Well I didn't do a whole lotta anything this August long weekend. It is officially a year until my sister gets married and moves out though... So that is a plus.

Friday night I had a headache so I just stayed home and went to bed early. Lame, I know! Something interesting did happen Friday though... The guy who I had been talking to/texting back and forth with, then went to Merritt and I had barely heard from since texted me. I had given up on him... especially since his status on Facebook had changed to "in a relationship" with some girl (with HUGE fake boobies) ... But then on Thursday it went back to "single" and then he texted me Friday. Hmmm convenient! So we will see what happens there.

Saturday was "family fun night" so I stayed home and family dinner and played some cards and some "Apples to Apples." I lost... Bad.

Sunday I went across the line to Burlington ( home of the famed coat factory... they're more than great coats) to go shopping for my sister's wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses. The border wait was less than fun... except for sticking my head through the sunroof and waving at the little kids in the car behind us. We did find some fabulous bridesmaid dresses though. I can't wait to wear them... They are SO cute!

Monday (today) I pretty much sat on my ass and did nada... Well I did do the dishes... So that's something. Tomorrow is back to school. Which means that midterms are almost here... argh!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

What NOT to Do

On Monday this baseball player from the Vancouver Canadians I had sorta been seeing/talking to came over and we watched a movie. He lives in the USA so he billets while in Vancouver, and he's not allowed to have girls over so he came to my house instead.

The only problem there was that he doesn't have a car, so I drove from where I was in Burnaby/New West to Vancouver, picked him up, and brought him back to Langley with me. I planned on dropping him off at the Skytrain in Surrey later... So it was kinda a lot of work.

We stopped at Roger's to grab a movie... Which I paid for and he didn't even offer to, even after me driving his ass around for an hour.

We got back to my house and watched a movie. I was going well until about an hour later when I went into the bathroom and discovered that he had left me a little "present" in the toilet. No, not a little stain... WAY worse. Take what you are thinking right now and make it 3 times grosser and then you will know. FLUSH TWICE BUDDY.

That was pretty much the end of me ever wanting to cuddle him again. Ew. Ew. Ew.

The Fray - Deer Lake Park

I saw The Fray once again, this time at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, and once again they were great.

The sun was out, we were relaxing and drinking beers on a blanket, there were cute guys for us to look at, I had just been rescued from the "Hell Cats" ... what more could we want?

There were 2 opening bands which were ok... Then The Fray took the stage around 8.

They did all the songs on their CD, as well as some new songs and some different, fun stuff. The best was when they did Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" ... So funny. Oh, and the drummer is kinda cute.

They ended the show then for the encore did "Cable Car," where they dragged a buncha people up from the audience to go on stage. After that they did "Look After You"... and mixed a little "Wonderwall" in there... It was awesome.

So far the Fray are 2 for 2 in great concerts. Can't wait for the next CD to come out.

The Hell Cats

At this moment I was supposed to be house-sitting for a family in Burnaby. Last Sunday I packed up all my stuff: clothes, pillow, school books, food etc. and headed out there. I arrived brought in all my stuff and all was good.

Then I went to clean the litter boxes. Yes... There are 4 of them... For 2 cats. These people REALLY love their cats. Like people. So I do that and they are kinda following me around and one of them (the small one, not the 18-pounder) starts to growl and hiss a little, but I pay it no attention.

The cats have followed me around a little as I explored, the one still doing a bit of hissing and growling. Then I went downstairs, grabbed a couple taquitos to throw in the over, and came back up. Well they were blocking the top of the stairs. I tried to go by and the cat really started to growl and hiss bad... I kept walking... and it ATTACKED ME!! All 4 of its legs were wrapped around my leg, claws bared! I shook it off and rushed to the kitchen to discover that I was totally bleeding!

I decided to go upstairs and get a band-aid and some ointment, only to discover I was totally trapped in the kitchen. They were blocking the entrance! Then my phone (which was in the living room) rang and I couldn't even get to it.

I used some treats to distract them and get by to my phone....But when I tried to go upstiairs again they were too smart to be tricked by the treats. After being attacked once again I called the neighbour that usually feeds the cats to come over.

She was shocked they were acting like this...Especially when the one that was really acting crazy was the usually quiet one that hides. She called the other neighbour to come over.

Long story short (well it's already long but I could make it longer,) I decided to get the hell outta dodge and never come back.

I hate those crazy hell cats! I was sooo rattled that I was actually crying! And I am a cat person too! You might think this is funny... But it was actually scary... Especially the trapping me parts!