Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Toronto Fun

Elise and I had planned our trip to Cuba so that we had an extended layover in order to spend a little time in the T-dot. It was grrrreat!

Elise's friends Dana and Michelle picked us up from the airport and chauffered us around all afternoon so we could do tonnes of touristy stuff. They were so good to us. Thanks again guys!

When we got downtown the first thing we did was hit up the Hockey Hall of Fame but it was closed and Elise was sad. I didn't really give a shit.

From there we took a walk by Much Music. They had just finished filming an Intimate and Interactive or some shit with Joss Stone. As we were peeking in the window I saw the VJ (Matt) look at us... I was like "Dude ... the VJ is looking at us!!" Then he waved and I was like "DUDE...THE VJ WAVED AT US." It was great.

After our brush with semi-famousness we went to the CN Tower, aka the tallest building in the world. It was pretty cool. The best part was they have this glass floor that you can stand on and see all the way through to the ground. It was fun in a "I think I'm going to pee my pants" type of way.

We descended the tower (wow I sound like a fairy tale) and decided to take in part of a Jay's game. It was a beautiful night and the roof was open so we had a great view of the tower from inside the stadium. And it was so cheap... the tickets were only $10! It was a nice way to start the night.

We took off to get some sushi after a few innings. But did we walk to get sushi? Hell no! We took a rickshaw. Yes, it seems like something you do in India or something, but oh we did it. And got ripped of in the process... but oh well. We rode in a freakin rickshaw.

After sushi we got drunk at the Fox N Fiddle and then got dropped off at the airport for a little sleeping on our suitcases before our flight in the morning. Cuba... here we come!

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