Thursday, July 12, 2007

CUBA - Varadero

Elise and I went into Varadero twice. One day we hiked 'er our there, and the other we took this big, red double decker bus. I must say... taking the bus is a little easier in that type of heat! When it's not an hour and a half LATE that is! Oh well, Cuban time...What can ya do?

The first time we went I got my hair braided in this little marketplace. Not all braided, just the top. They were super cute... and they lasted a whole day! YAY!
We walked around looking at a lot of the same junk. Some stuff was cute though. I bought myself a picture and also some little flip-flop keychains to give the girls. Elise looked at about a million photo albums, since she IS the paparazzi.

What I thought was interesting there was seeing Puma and Nike stores. Random.

After a day of shopping we went and got some ice cream and sat down at a little outdoor restaurant. There was this Bob Marley guy there singing with his guitar and talking to us. He started singing a song about Danielle and Elise from Vancouver. Also there was the CUTEST puppy there!

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