Thursday, July 12, 2007

CUBA - The Arrival

We arrived at the airport in Cuba around 10 in the morning and were shuttled off to our hotel, the Barcelo Solymar. We were too early to check in and it was beautiful and sunny out so we changed into our bathing suits and hit up the pool. We spent most of the day lying there, soaking up the sun and exploring.

Around 12 it started to rain.... a LOT. It was POURING! We had booked a cabana instead of staying in the hotel, but it was really far away and there was no way I was jugging my super-huge suitcase that far so we decided to check into the main hotel.

We unpacked and took a nice long nap. After being up for about 48 hours with about 6 hours of sleep we needed it. We woke up around 9 and headed to the buffet. It left a little to be desired, especially right before it closed.

We sat down and had a few drinks in the lobby. While we were sitting there I spotted the cutest little kitten walking by so I went and grabbed him and brought him in. We named him Scruffy McGee, because he was well, scruffy... and he kinda smelled like fish.

Standing at the bar I started chatting up some people and discovered they were from the Vancouver/Victoria areas and were in Cuba for a wedding. Elise and I went and sat with them to have a drink. Well one drink turned into more and I left to take a "walk" which turned into a little bit of skinny dipping on the beach. It was great... full moon... warm blue water... and nakedness...oh yeah!

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