Thursday, July 26, 2007

What is New?

OK I said that I was gonna keep this baby up-to-date. Apparently I lied. I think the problem is that I let it get so far behind that I have been dreading all the work to get it up to date...So I thought screw it. We will just say that the last month and a half is a mystery, forever lost in time, and I will start again fresh in the present.

Ok so I won't quite do that... I will give you a bit of basic info:

CUBA: All in all it was fun, but I wouldn't go back. Mexico is better. Highlights: Havana, boat cruise, beaches, friends I met. Downfalls: nasty food, rainy weather, mosquitoes.

BOYS: Met a guy in Cuba that lives in Victoria... He came to Van once and we hung out and I haven't heard from him since, but I didn't feel like putting that kinda effort in anyways. Then after that I was hanging out with my friend's ex for a while, but before anything happened we both decided that it wasn't right and now we are friends. Then my friend tried to hook me up with this guy. He is cute but I think he is gay and doesn't know it yet. We had a date and I cancelled. This other guy (SOOO good looking) who used to date one of the girls on my dance team was totally calling and texting me 24/7 for like a week... Then he went to Merritt and has kinda been MIA ever since. I pretty much think he met some girl up there. So good luck to him. Then last weekend I went club hopping with my friend and met a guy at the Roxy. He is from Maryland here playing baseball. We have been texting and are supposed to hang out when he gets back from his road trip.

SCHOOL: I am in week 6 of school now. Last week I had 5 tests, all of which I did surprisingly well on...Apparently I've still got it! I also have a test in about 15 minutes, but it's open book.

LIFE: Don't really have one.... HAHA. School, sleeping, watching reality tv (go Big Brother!) I haven't been to the beach yet this summer.

COMING UP: This weekend Sat- either Vanilla Room or downtown. Sunday - The Fray concert! YAY!

Now that this baby is current I will try to keep it current. No more slacking!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

CUBA - Varadero

Elise and I went into Varadero twice. One day we hiked 'er our there, and the other we took this big, red double decker bus. I must say... taking the bus is a little easier in that type of heat! When it's not an hour and a half LATE that is! Oh well, Cuban time...What can ya do?

The first time we went I got my hair braided in this little marketplace. Not all braided, just the top. They were super cute... and they lasted a whole day! YAY!
We walked around looking at a lot of the same junk. Some stuff was cute though. I bought myself a picture and also some little flip-flop keychains to give the girls. Elise looked at about a million photo albums, since she IS the paparazzi.

What I thought was interesting there was seeing Puma and Nike stores. Random.

After a day of shopping we went and got some ice cream and sat down at a little outdoor restaurant. There was this Bob Marley guy there singing with his guitar and talking to us. He started singing a song about Danielle and Elise from Vancouver. Also there was the CUTEST puppy there!

CUBA - The Arrival

We arrived at the airport in Cuba around 10 in the morning and were shuttled off to our hotel, the Barcelo Solymar. We were too early to check in and it was beautiful and sunny out so we changed into our bathing suits and hit up the pool. We spent most of the day lying there, soaking up the sun and exploring.

Around 12 it started to rain.... a LOT. It was POURING! We had booked a cabana instead of staying in the hotel, but it was really far away and there was no way I was jugging my super-huge suitcase that far so we decided to check into the main hotel.

We unpacked and took a nice long nap. After being up for about 48 hours with about 6 hours of sleep we needed it. We woke up around 9 and headed to the buffet. It left a little to be desired, especially right before it closed.

We sat down and had a few drinks in the lobby. While we were sitting there I spotted the cutest little kitten walking by so I went and grabbed him and brought him in. We named him Scruffy McGee, because he was well, scruffy... and he kinda smelled like fish.

Standing at the bar I started chatting up some people and discovered they were from the Vancouver/Victoria areas and were in Cuba for a wedding. Elise and I went and sat with them to have a drink. Well one drink turned into more and I left to take a "walk" which turned into a little bit of skinny dipping on the beach. It was great... full moon... warm blue water... and nakedness...oh yeah!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Toronto Fun

Elise and I had planned our trip to Cuba so that we had an extended layover in order to spend a little time in the T-dot. It was grrrreat!

Elise's friends Dana and Michelle picked us up from the airport and chauffered us around all afternoon so we could do tonnes of touristy stuff. They were so good to us. Thanks again guys!

When we got downtown the first thing we did was hit up the Hockey Hall of Fame but it was closed and Elise was sad. I didn't really give a shit.

From there we took a walk by Much Music. They had just finished filming an Intimate and Interactive or some shit with Joss Stone. As we were peeking in the window I saw the VJ (Matt) look at us... I was like "Dude ... the VJ is looking at us!!" Then he waved and I was like "DUDE...THE VJ WAVED AT US." It was great.

After our brush with semi-famousness we went to the CN Tower, aka the tallest building in the world. It was pretty cool. The best part was they have this glass floor that you can stand on and see all the way through to the ground. It was fun in a "I think I'm going to pee my pants" type of way.

We descended the tower (wow I sound like a fairy tale) and decided to take in part of a Jay's game. It was a beautiful night and the roof was open so we had a great view of the tower from inside the stadium. And it was so cheap... the tickets were only $10! It was a nice way to start the night.

We took off to get some sushi after a few innings. But did we walk to get sushi? Hell no! We took a rickshaw. Yes, it seems like something you do in India or something, but oh we did it. And got ripped of in the process... but oh well. We rode in a freakin rickshaw.

After sushi we got drunk at the Fox N Fiddle and then got dropped off at the airport for a little sleeping on our suitcases before our flight in the morning. Cuba... here we come!

To My "Loyal Fans"

Hello all: Kelly, Sam, Candace, Prettie, Tanya and whoever else checks my blog out on a regular basis ... I am soooo sorry that I have been dissipointing you lately by not posting in a whole month.

I have been super busy with leaving PCL, my vacay to Toronto/Cuba and starting school. I know that is no excuse and I am a total biotch, so I will try not to dissapoint you again!