Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shout it Out!

Friday afternoon Jaelene played softball for PCL in a tournament for the Children's Hospital. I passed this year on account of me sucking so bad last year. She played two games and then left for a "date," which was really meeting up with me to go to Earl's and see some cute bartenders.

We showed up around 10:30 and proceeded to drink many, many martinis. One was called a FatBoy and it was yummy to the MAX. We stuck around to closing time and went home with the bartenders for some more drinks and some "Shout it Out."

Shout it Out is a game played on PS3 where you are asked random movie trivia and you need to yell out the answers, and match things up, and know what movie lines are from etc. It was pretty fun. Jaelene and her bartender were on one team and I was on the other team with my bartender. Our team was team Games Nazi, and therefore we annihilated them 63-zip. Many High-5's ensued.

After that we played a rousing game of Kings... where a rule was that we needed to talk in a Scottish accent the whole time. Jae and I sounded more East Indian than Scottish; I guess that's what happens when you grow up in Abbotsford.

Jaelene and I were sufficiently drunk and unable to drive so we stayed over. The 4 of us took off to our respective rooms... or my bartender and I took off to a bed while Jae and hers got the floor. And it was her guy's house... hahaha sucka.

My guy was pretty cute. Hardcore Italian Catholic guy... tattoos, nice body, nice eyes. Weird fact: he has the exact same ghetto phone as I do... and his paint has come off in the exact same was so that the phone is blue on the front and black on the back. It was really random.

Anyways... Jae and I woke up and took off at 8:30am. A kiss on the cheek and a bye-bye to the boys and we were outta there. Next stop... McDonald's drive thru!

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Anonymous said...

HAHA THis is a good one ! let's not forget the one boy rug burned knees !! Muhahahaha