Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No Sleep Weekend

Friday night I headed to the pub with a girl I used to work with to watch the hockey game. It was pretty fun. One of her friends was even louder than I am (no joke.) We were in the smoking room though, and everyone but me was chain smoking. I went home with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Ew.

The next day Jaelene and I went for a walk along the river because was super nice out. I peed in the bush. Hey if you gotta go you gotta go!

Jae and I headed home and after a nice relaxing afternoon of laying in my bed chatting we made dinner (fajitas yum) and got ready for the night. We headed into Delta to meet up with Elise and her two friends, and the group heading downtown to the Blarney Stone.

There was a huge line-up, almost like there was a concert going on there or something, but we know the owner and GM so we skipped the line and headed on in. It's not my usual scene but I had fun there. I spend a lot of time flirting with this Czech bartender. Hey I couldn't dance there without being pushed all over, so I needed to amuse myself!

After a quick stop at Burger King for Whopper meals we headed home and I crawled into bed around 5:15.

I woke up at 8:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I just laid there until I had to get up at 10. My sister and I met up with all her bridesmaids and headed down to the states to look at dresses. We looked at a few, but the majority of our time was taken up sitting in line at the border and gorging ourselves at Old Country Buffet. There were so many fatass Americans there... And that is the only place I have ever seen a dish of cheesy potatoes with POTATO CHIPS as a topping.

On the way home my friend called me and wanted me to come out to her boyfriend's baseball game, because she is trying to hook me up with a guy on his team (the bartender from the last weekend.) I was super tired but thought he was kinda cute from the last weekend (of what I remembered) and I wanted to see what would happen. I went home and made dinner... gave my mom her present (it was her birthday) and headed out.

Seeing him in the daylight and not through hazy drunk eyes he is cute for sure. He has amazing Taylor Pyatt eyes and brown hair. My type for sure. He is also sweet and funny. I was a total nervous geek around him though, and I am usually not shy at all... I hope that's a good sign. At the end of the night I made him walk me to my car and we kissed a little and it was (Borat voice) VERY NICE! I LIKE!

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