Friday, May 04, 2007

No-Sleep Continued

"No Sleep Weekend" has somehow morphed into No-Sleep Week. I managed to stay out late on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, and still drag my (albeit looking less desireable than usual) ass into work the next day. Yes, I am a fuckin trooper!

Most of the time I spent drinking at the baseball field. I am pretty much a baseball team groupie right now... I mean I have been a groupie of the so-called "Entourage" boys for a long time, or sorry, more correctly I am Elise's groupie... so I am the groupie's groupie. But it seems I have reached a whole nother level of groupie-ness... I would be kind of ashamed if I cared enough to be but I really don't care.

Wednesday was hot-tub party night and that was definitely fun. We stayed in the hot tub until we were wrinkly and full to the brim with red wine... Nothing better than cuddling in the hot tub and being all nice and warm and relaxed. Mmmm.

Yesterday I was a huge hit at work, when I showed up looking like a cross-dresser. Actually, that sounds way worse than it was... but I did NOT look good after having only 3 hours of sleep. In the words of Prettie: "Danielle, you look like SHIT!" I for sure gave all the married girls who are re-living their single lives through me something to talk about.

Right now I am trying to avoid doing some meeting minutes... This dude can barely speak English so it's a little hard to decipher. Question: Is it bad that I laugh anytime I read the words penetration or erector? ... because apparently they just don't get old to me.

I better get back to work... and Tanya will be here any minute with my Mc-Breakfast. Thank God "cankle-saurus-rex" had to go to a doctor appointment. You are still a sexy bitch to me Tanya! Stay away from those "Hookers" at the playground!

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