Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lazy May Long

Hallelujah! It was a long weekend!

Friday night I got the randomest call ever from my friend Chris asking if I wanted to take off to Denver for the weekend. I thought about it for a minute .... and I didn't see why not! I called Jaelene and she agreed to come too and we were totally ready to go... but it was just going to be too much moola so our plans went downhill fast. Instead I went to bed at 10:30.

I woke up early and took my car in for an oil change. Then I went home and took a long nap. See the pattern here?

That night we all went out for Chris' birthday to the Hamilton Street Grill. The food was simply superb. I had halibut and it was tres bien. After the restaurant we took off to ... you guessed it... the Kingston. Good times were had by all, although the group in general was much more subdued than usual. It would have been the long weekend, no one is around atmosphere. After the bar Elise and I headed back to her sister's, watched a couple episodes of Sex and the City and went to sleep. We slept til about 11:30.

I got up, went home, made myself the best breakie ever, and then took a nap. Yes, another nap.

I was supposed to hit up Mirage that night 'cause Sundays on long weekends are rockin there, but my friend bailed on me, and I stayed at home alone and watched The Green Mile... Such a good movie... frickin tugs at the heartstrings I tell ya! Then after making plans with Chris to go shopping the next morning I hit the hay.


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