Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Monday started off well enough. I woke up and got ready to go shopping. Chris picked me up bright and early at 9:15 and we headed South to the Seattle Premium outlets.

I bought a bunch of shirts and tanktops (which came with a free towel- hells ya!) from Aeropostale, a babydoll shirt from Guess, an Ecko zip-up, goodies from Harry and David's, and a lot of awesome groceries that you can't get in Canada from Super-Walmart.

Chris and I definitely ate well while we were down there.... and for FREE. First we got some sweet samples from Harry and David's... Then we found a store that had more samples than a Costco... all sorts of bread dips and sauces... then at the Walmart we had popcorn chicken and shrimp... which we "accidently" forgot to pay for.

We left the outlets and headed to Bellis Fair to check out what was going on at the mall. As we drove we had some fun with the radio on scan... and listening to the Beach Boys... and doing Mark from Blink 182 impressions.

We were just getting off the exit to Bellingham when shit went down. The exit has two lanes and we were in the left lane because the right lane was backed up, almost stopped. As we were driving along on the exit a guy in a 4-Runner on the main highway (Asian - go figure) realized that he was missing his exit and pulled hard to the right... straight at us!

We had nowhere to go and crashed into a red Nissan pickup in the other lane. We hit his left back-end, which was at the front right of our rented Yaris... yeah MY side. The whole front end of the car is smushed in and it tore a huge strip off the side paneling. The windshield cracked and shards of glass came flying at us... the windshield wipers came on for some strange reason and were all bent and making weird sounds while going back and forth over the cracks. We were also leaking some kinda of fluid.

Luckily enough no one was badly hurt.... and even luckier the guy who caused us to crash pulled over and took blame. Otherwise Chris would have been SCREWED.

As we were standing there 3 more accidents occured right near us within 15 or 20 minutes. It was just a crazy scene. State troopers, sheriffs, firemen and firetrucks, EMS and ambulances, emergency response road crew. It was quite a sight for all the rubberneckers that drove by.

After being on the side of the I-5 for about two hours we finally got a new rental car and headed home. Needless to say.... we took the backroads.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS go to DENVER!

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