Thursday, May 10, 2007

Homeless D

Well I officially have no office at work. We are getting a new co-op student, who is moving into this lady's office, who is moving into mine, and I am squatting in Prettie's office while she is in Europe. Oh well. At lest I have my Pyatt poster in here so it's ok... And I get to use her radio because I threw away my shitty free The Beat radio.

I am also doing Prettie's work while she is away and it's going ok so far. I did a Tender Package all by myself the other day! Yay - Go Immunohisochemistry Stainer!

Today while I was walking to the Field Office these workers were looking at me and talking abut me in French. They were like "Aaayyy!!" I was tres amused. (Get it? Yeah feel free to groan.)

As for my out-of-work life (aka REAL life) ... all is well with Bartender Boy. I haven't seen him all week, but we have been talking (or actually messaging) so I'm not as much of a stress case anymore. I want to see him soon though before I forget what he looks like! And I need some serious cuddling. Tonight I'm doing a dinner and a movie date with Missy... should be fun. I think we are gonna see a chick flick... yes!

Saturday I am doing a jewellery photo shoot so I am really looking forward for that... I hope I don't suck... And a plus is that my makeup and hair will be all done up nicely for when I hit up Vanilla Room with like 30 people that night... Score.

Well back to work...In my rented office...

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