Monday, May 07, 2007


This weekend wasn't too crazy, which was a nice vacation from the norm.

Friday night I stayed home and caught up on some much-needed sleep. It was great... I think I got like 12 hours of sleep! During the day on Saturday I cleaned my room (that was a big job, and FYI I had 12 cups and a mug in there...crazy) and did some errands.

Saturday night Kristin and I went to Blueridge and met up with a bunch of our old high school friends. It was so weird to see some of them. One of them (who I used to date way back) had just moved back into town again from Calgary, got a little too drunk, and got thrown out of the bar. (Not that I can judge about that one!) This girl he cheated on me with while we were together (one of many) was there too, so that's always a little awkward. After he got kicked out she was like: "Are you going to deal with this or am I?" and I was like: "NOT ME!" and walked away. You can have him honey!

Kristin's boyfriend and the other baseball boys (and girl!) showed up for a drink which was a nice surprise.

I had to take off early because I was supposed to be going a 10KM run the next morning, but when I talked to Jaelene on Sunday she hadn't been feeling good all night so we bailed, and I called Kristin up and decided to head out to this baseball tournament in Vancouver with her and our other friend.

The tourney was ok... it was raining a LOT so I had on two sweatshits and a jacket, all with the hoods up... Oh and mittens...can't forget the mittens! A highlight was overcoming a huge deficit and beating Kristin at darts, which I NEVER play and she plays all the time. Yeah baby.

The only part of the day that wasn't great was that things seemed a little weird with cute bartender guy. It seemed like he was acting a little weird. I didn't even really notice at first until my friend pointed it out to me, and I was like yeah he kinda is. He was talking to me ... but just not as affectionate as usual. I don't really get it... there was a major difference in like 12 hours of being apart.

I mean, we are at this tournament with like 100 sporty, beer-drinking guys around, so maybe that's part of it... And also because of that I'm not gonna walk up and just grab him in front of all these guys, but I usually DO make the first move, so maybe he was wondering why I wasn't? Who knows? Could be also that I am pushing him too hard or something so I'm just gonna relax and let him call me. No more just showing up... Not that I am not invited (I got booed by Kristin's bf when I said I wasn't coming) ... just not by him. He could have even just been in a bad mood, or I am reading him wrong completely. I have no idea.

One thing is for sure though... I think WAY too much. I am just going to chill and relax and whatever happens happens.

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