Thursday, May 31, 2007

Saturday Night Bar-Hopping

After some much needed rest from my all nighter Friday I was feeling like a human being again and ready to get ready to go out at about 7:30 on Saturday night. Kristin and I had planned on going downtown because we hadn't in forever, but decided to keep it local.

We had never been to Citrus Nightclub before so we decided to try it out, and then head to Vanilla Room after. Well, Citrus left a little to be desired. Honestly it was like that is where all the fat girls go... and the ugly guys. We stayed for a drink and couldn't get outta there fast enough.

We went to Vanilla Room, which was packed. I couldn't take 5 steps without seeing someone I knew! We spent the night dancing and flirting... oh and talking to some guys wearing matching checkered shoes... interesting.

Shout it Out!

Friday afternoon Jaelene played softball for PCL in a tournament for the Children's Hospital. I passed this year on account of me sucking so bad last year. She played two games and then left for a "date," which was really meeting up with me to go to Earl's and see some cute bartenders.

We showed up around 10:30 and proceeded to drink many, many martinis. One was called a FatBoy and it was yummy to the MAX. We stuck around to closing time and went home with the bartenders for some more drinks and some "Shout it Out."

Shout it Out is a game played on PS3 where you are asked random movie trivia and you need to yell out the answers, and match things up, and know what movie lines are from etc. It was pretty fun. Jaelene and her bartender were on one team and I was on the other team with my bartender. Our team was team Games Nazi, and therefore we annihilated them 63-zip. Many High-5's ensued.

After that we played a rousing game of Kings... where a rule was that we needed to talk in a Scottish accent the whole time. Jae and I sounded more East Indian than Scottish; I guess that's what happens when you grow up in Abbotsford.

Jaelene and I were sufficiently drunk and unable to drive so we stayed over. The 4 of us took off to our respective rooms... or my bartender and I took off to a bed while Jae and hers got the floor. And it was her guy's house... hahaha sucka.

My guy was pretty cute. Hardcore Italian Catholic guy... tattoos, nice body, nice eyes. Weird fact: he has the exact same ghetto phone as I do... and his paint has come off in the exact same was so that the phone is blue on the front and black on the back. It was really random.

Anyways... Jae and I woke up and took off at 8:30am. A kiss on the cheek and a bye-bye to the boys and we were outta there. Next stop... McDonald's drive thru!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Monday started off well enough. I woke up and got ready to go shopping. Chris picked me up bright and early at 9:15 and we headed South to the Seattle Premium outlets.

I bought a bunch of shirts and tanktops (which came with a free towel- hells ya!) from Aeropostale, a babydoll shirt from Guess, an Ecko zip-up, goodies from Harry and David's, and a lot of awesome groceries that you can't get in Canada from Super-Walmart.

Chris and I definitely ate well while we were down there.... and for FREE. First we got some sweet samples from Harry and David's... Then we found a store that had more samples than a Costco... all sorts of bread dips and sauces... then at the Walmart we had popcorn chicken and shrimp... which we "accidently" forgot to pay for.

We left the outlets and headed to Bellis Fair to check out what was going on at the mall. As we drove we had some fun with the radio on scan... and listening to the Beach Boys... and doing Mark from Blink 182 impressions.

We were just getting off the exit to Bellingham when shit went down. The exit has two lanes and we were in the left lane because the right lane was backed up, almost stopped. As we were driving along on the exit a guy in a 4-Runner on the main highway (Asian - go figure) realized that he was missing his exit and pulled hard to the right... straight at us!

We had nowhere to go and crashed into a red Nissan pickup in the other lane. We hit his left back-end, which was at the front right of our rented Yaris... yeah MY side. The whole front end of the car is smushed in and it tore a huge strip off the side paneling. The windshield cracked and shards of glass came flying at us... the windshield wipers came on for some strange reason and were all bent and making weird sounds while going back and forth over the cracks. We were also leaking some kinda of fluid.

Luckily enough no one was badly hurt.... and even luckier the guy who caused us to crash pulled over and took blame. Otherwise Chris would have been SCREWED.

As we were standing there 3 more accidents occured right near us within 15 or 20 minutes. It was just a crazy scene. State troopers, sheriffs, firemen and firetrucks, EMS and ambulances, emergency response road crew. It was quite a sight for all the rubberneckers that drove by.

After being on the side of the I-5 for about two hours we finally got a new rental car and headed home. Needless to say.... we took the backroads.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS go to DENVER!

Lazy May Long

Hallelujah! It was a long weekend!

Friday night I got the randomest call ever from my friend Chris asking if I wanted to take off to Denver for the weekend. I thought about it for a minute .... and I didn't see why not! I called Jaelene and she agreed to come too and we were totally ready to go... but it was just going to be too much moola so our plans went downhill fast. Instead I went to bed at 10:30.

I woke up early and took my car in for an oil change. Then I went home and took a long nap. See the pattern here?

That night we all went out for Chris' birthday to the Hamilton Street Grill. The food was simply superb. I had halibut and it was tres bien. After the restaurant we took off to ... you guessed it... the Kingston. Good times were had by all, although the group in general was much more subdued than usual. It would have been the long weekend, no one is around atmosphere. After the bar Elise and I headed back to her sister's, watched a couple episodes of Sex and the City and went to sleep. We slept til about 11:30.

I got up, went home, made myself the best breakie ever, and then took a nap. Yes, another nap.

I was supposed to hit up Mirage that night 'cause Sundays on long weekends are rockin there, but my friend bailed on me, and I stayed at home alone and watched The Green Mile... Such a good movie... frickin tugs at the heartstrings I tell ya! Then after making plans with Chris to go shopping the next morning I hit the hay.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bartender Boy is DONE

After two unanswered texts and an un-replied-to Facebook message I am sad to say that Bartender Boy is no longer on the Danielle radar. Ass. I don't get it but oh well, onto the next!

I have declared this summer have-fun-with-boys-but-no-relationships-summer.... so we will see how that goes. Should be good ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

on a serious note...

As I prepare to start school and get on with my career and my life (and eventually "baby chick" will leave the nest) I have been doing a lot of thinking.

My whole life people have had certain expectations of me. I'm supposed to be the smartest and work the hardest; I'm supposed to want certain things and not others; I'm supposed to be the career woman, who is focused and strong and doesn't break down... I'm never supposed to fail, so when I do people are more dissapointed (myself included.) Those are hard expectations to live upto.

The other day I was having a conversation with my mom about boys. She said to me, " You don't need to worry about marriage... you have your career to focus only need to have fun right now."

It feels like half the people I know are married, or getting married, or living together, or having babies... and I am left in their dust and expected to feel fine about it because I am career-focused. Well, maybe that's not enough.

Not right away, but I DO want that... I want to get married... I want babies... I want someone to love. I don't want people telling me that it's ok that I don't have these because I have a career. That almost makes it worse... they are comforting me. The fact that they feel like they need to comfort me proves that they feel bad or think something is wrong with it.

And I want people to see my sensitive side. The side that can't say goodbye, and loves to cuddle, and cried on the series finale of Gilmore Girls.

Monday, May 14, 2007


(No, my weekend had nothing to do with porn in case you were getting excited...I just needed a title.)

Friday night after work Elise came and picked me up and we went to watch her friend Danielle (aka Danielle #2) play softball. They got creamed... 20 to 5 ... I got a free beer though, so that helped ease the pain. There was this old drunk red-eyed grandpa there, and I guarantee it wasn't coffee in his Timmie's mug. The ump's son was there too and he was this total cave-boy who stood there banging stones together for a good 45 minutes... Then he started smelling them. Kids are weird.

After the game a the group of us went to Sammy's for a bit. Elise talked about poo the whole time... oh and skidmarks... great. She was completely sober too, that's just Elise. Bartender Boy was there and our waitress told me she thought he was hot... Yeah I know.

Saturday I woke up at the crack of dawn (aka 6:30) and headed into A-town for a photoshoot. I got my hair done in an updo and my makeup airbrushed on. I was so pampered! Then we all took pictures for a girl's website wearing samples from her jewellery line. It was pretty high-tech... we sat on an exercise ball in front of a sheet tacked to the roof. The girl taking the pics told me that I was good at posing and asked if I had ever modeled before. No, I've just watched every season of ANTM.

Saturday night I partied it up at the Vanilla Room with Jaelene. I was apprehensive about going there again but it was ok; I made nice with the bouncer. It was a fun night. I was making friends with a lot of random girls, which is a nice change from the bitches at the downtown clubs. In the bathroom a girl puked on the floor and a drop got on my foot. It was pretty sick but another gave me some spray-on hand sanitizer and I coated my foot with it.

At one point while Jae was off dancing I was just chilling on the couch, resting my feet (my shoes are f-ing CUTE, but hurt like a bitch) this guy was hitting on me. He pretty much used the best line ever: "Hi, my name is ____ and I believe in at least 20 minutes of foreplay before sex and at least 20 minutes of cuddling after." Points for originality there buddy!

I, of course, spent Mother's Day with my mom. She made me and my sister do some slave labour. As we were outside weeding the garden a little kid came by on her scooter and asked my sister what she was doing. "I'm helping my mom weed the garden because it's Mother's Day," she replied... to which the girl exclaimed, "It's my Mom's birthday too!" Kids.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Homeless D

Well I officially have no office at work. We are getting a new co-op student, who is moving into this lady's office, who is moving into mine, and I am squatting in Prettie's office while she is in Europe. Oh well. At lest I have my Pyatt poster in here so it's ok... And I get to use her radio because I threw away my shitty free The Beat radio.

I am also doing Prettie's work while she is away and it's going ok so far. I did a Tender Package all by myself the other day! Yay - Go Immunohisochemistry Stainer!

Today while I was walking to the Field Office these workers were looking at me and talking abut me in French. They were like "Aaayyy!!" I was tres amused. (Get it? Yeah feel free to groan.)

As for my out-of-work life (aka REAL life) ... all is well with Bartender Boy. I haven't seen him all week, but we have been talking (or actually messaging) so I'm not as much of a stress case anymore. I want to see him soon though before I forget what he looks like! And I need some serious cuddling. Tonight I'm doing a dinner and a movie date with Missy... should be fun. I think we are gonna see a chick flick... yes!

Saturday I am doing a jewellery photo shoot so I am really looking forward for that... I hope I don't suck... And a plus is that my makeup and hair will be all done up nicely for when I hit up Vanilla Room with like 30 people that night... Score.

Well back to work...In my rented office...

Monday, May 07, 2007


This weekend wasn't too crazy, which was a nice vacation from the norm.

Friday night I stayed home and caught up on some much-needed sleep. It was great... I think I got like 12 hours of sleep! During the day on Saturday I cleaned my room (that was a big job, and FYI I had 12 cups and a mug in there...crazy) and did some errands.

Saturday night Kristin and I went to Blueridge and met up with a bunch of our old high school friends. It was so weird to see some of them. One of them (who I used to date way back) had just moved back into town again from Calgary, got a little too drunk, and got thrown out of the bar. (Not that I can judge about that one!) This girl he cheated on me with while we were together (one of many) was there too, so that's always a little awkward. After he got kicked out she was like: "Are you going to deal with this or am I?" and I was like: "NOT ME!" and walked away. You can have him honey!

Kristin's boyfriend and the other baseball boys (and girl!) showed up for a drink which was a nice surprise.

I had to take off early because I was supposed to be going a 10KM run the next morning, but when I talked to Jaelene on Sunday she hadn't been feeling good all night so we bailed, and I called Kristin up and decided to head out to this baseball tournament in Vancouver with her and our other friend.

The tourney was ok... it was raining a LOT so I had on two sweatshits and a jacket, all with the hoods up... Oh and mittens...can't forget the mittens! A highlight was overcoming a huge deficit and beating Kristin at darts, which I NEVER play and she plays all the time. Yeah baby.

The only part of the day that wasn't great was that things seemed a little weird with cute bartender guy. It seemed like he was acting a little weird. I didn't even really notice at first until my friend pointed it out to me, and I was like yeah he kinda is. He was talking to me ... but just not as affectionate as usual. I don't really get it... there was a major difference in like 12 hours of being apart.

I mean, we are at this tournament with like 100 sporty, beer-drinking guys around, so maybe that's part of it... And also because of that I'm not gonna walk up and just grab him in front of all these guys, but I usually DO make the first move, so maybe he was wondering why I wasn't? Who knows? Could be also that I am pushing him too hard or something so I'm just gonna relax and let him call me. No more just showing up... Not that I am not invited (I got booed by Kristin's bf when I said I wasn't coming) ... just not by him. He could have even just been in a bad mood, or I am reading him wrong completely. I have no idea.

One thing is for sure though... I think WAY too much. I am just going to chill and relax and whatever happens happens.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sniff... sniff

Well, the Canucks' playoffs dreams have come crashing to an end. I think Prettie put it best:
"They played an awesome series! We ride together, we die together. WE ARE CANUCKS FOR LIFE! GO CANUCKS!"

No-Sleep Continued

"No Sleep Weekend" has somehow morphed into No-Sleep Week. I managed to stay out late on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, and still drag my (albeit looking less desireable than usual) ass into work the next day. Yes, I am a fuckin trooper!

Most of the time I spent drinking at the baseball field. I am pretty much a baseball team groupie right now... I mean I have been a groupie of the so-called "Entourage" boys for a long time, or sorry, more correctly I am Elise's groupie... so I am the groupie's groupie. But it seems I have reached a whole nother level of groupie-ness... I would be kind of ashamed if I cared enough to be but I really don't care.

Wednesday was hot-tub party night and that was definitely fun. We stayed in the hot tub until we were wrinkly and full to the brim with red wine... Nothing better than cuddling in the hot tub and being all nice and warm and relaxed. Mmmm.

Yesterday I was a huge hit at work, when I showed up looking like a cross-dresser. Actually, that sounds way worse than it was... but I did NOT look good after having only 3 hours of sleep. In the words of Prettie: "Danielle, you look like SHIT!" I for sure gave all the married girls who are re-living their single lives through me something to talk about.

Right now I am trying to avoid doing some meeting minutes... This dude can barely speak English so it's a little hard to decipher. Question: Is it bad that I laugh anytime I read the words penetration or erector? ... because apparently they just don't get old to me.

I better get back to work... and Tanya will be here any minute with my Mc-Breakfast. Thank God "cankle-saurus-rex" had to go to a doctor appointment. You are still a sexy bitch to me Tanya! Stay away from those "Hookers" at the playground!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

No Sleep Weekend

Friday night I headed to the pub with a girl I used to work with to watch the hockey game. It was pretty fun. One of her friends was even louder than I am (no joke.) We were in the smoking room though, and everyone but me was chain smoking. I went home with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Ew.

The next day Jaelene and I went for a walk along the river because was super nice out. I peed in the bush. Hey if you gotta go you gotta go!

Jae and I headed home and after a nice relaxing afternoon of laying in my bed chatting we made dinner (fajitas yum) and got ready for the night. We headed into Delta to meet up with Elise and her two friends, and the group heading downtown to the Blarney Stone.

There was a huge line-up, almost like there was a concert going on there or something, but we know the owner and GM so we skipped the line and headed on in. It's not my usual scene but I had fun there. I spend a lot of time flirting with this Czech bartender. Hey I couldn't dance there without being pushed all over, so I needed to amuse myself!

After a quick stop at Burger King for Whopper meals we headed home and I crawled into bed around 5:15.

I woke up at 8:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I just laid there until I had to get up at 10. My sister and I met up with all her bridesmaids and headed down to the states to look at dresses. We looked at a few, but the majority of our time was taken up sitting in line at the border and gorging ourselves at Old Country Buffet. There were so many fatass Americans there... And that is the only place I have ever seen a dish of cheesy potatoes with POTATO CHIPS as a topping.

On the way home my friend called me and wanted me to come out to her boyfriend's baseball game, because she is trying to hook me up with a guy on his team (the bartender from the last weekend.) I was super tired but thought he was kinda cute from the last weekend (of what I remembered) and I wanted to see what would happen. I went home and made dinner... gave my mom her present (it was her birthday) and headed out.

Seeing him in the daylight and not through hazy drunk eyes he is cute for sure. He has amazing Taylor Pyatt eyes and brown hair. My type for sure. He is also sweet and funny. I was a total nervous geek around him though, and I am usually not shy at all... I hope that's a good sign. At the end of the night I made him walk me to my car and we kissed a little and it was (Borat voice) VERY NICE! I LIKE!