Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Weighty Issue

Monday night I hit up my old stompin' grounds (aka Sammy J's) to watch Game 7 in the Dallas vs Vancouver series. We kicked The Star's asses, beating them out to move onto Round 2. Go Canucks!

Anytime I go into Sammy's and see all my old coworkers and regulars I always get people saying things like "Oh, you are looking good," and "Oh, you've lost weight," or even "Wow, you have lost a TONNE of weight."

You would think I would be happy with those comments ... but the thing is that I HAVEN'T lost weight. They are total backhanded compliments... If I look so much better now does that mean you thought I looked like a fat mess before?

I have hovered around the same weight for over a year. I can fluctuate upto 5 lbs in a day... but I stay the same basic size. If anything, I used to be skinnier. I gained about 15 lbs 2 summers ago... but lost it all right away, and it was a long time ago, so they can't be comparing me to then. I just don't get it!

Maybe people are trying to be nice? Maybe it just seems like the right thing to say?

Yeah, go ahead and tell me I look good: tell me you like my new hair-do, or I'm wearing nice shoes, or I have great eyes ... but I don't want to hear about the amazingly huge amount of weight I have lost unless I start looking like Nicole Richie. Thanks!

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