Friday, April 20, 2007

Sun Run

Well, I did it... I ran a friggin 10KM run... and I actually LIKED it!

I drove downtown with Elise and her dad and met up with my friend Jaelene and another girl we work with. Elise and her dad took off to the early start area while us first-timers walked around for a bit, went pee twice, and got in line with our fellow purple-bibs.

After waiting in line for a looong while, and dancing to some jams, finally we were off!

The first KM was easy... all downhill. The rest of the race wasn't too bad either. I got a cramp on the Burrard St bridge, about KM5, and another around the 7KM mark, but I kept on running.

The race was so fun! I liked the people watching and cheering us on, and the bands playing, and the water stations.

It took us an hour and 15 minutes to complete the race... Not too shabby for a buncha lazies who barely trained. The funny thing is too that at the end Jaelene and I were sprinting, and I made her wait for me. We crossed the finish line hand-in-hand, but I somehow came in one second before her, so I came in number 25, 112 and she came in 25, 116. Out of almost 55 thousand people we still did pretty damn well!

I definitely want to do it next year. Jae and I might even do a race on May 6th. Way to go us!

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