Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Snowboots 'n' Sunglasses

April Fool's Day came a little late this year when I woke up to snow on April 2nd. I had to wipe a bit off my car, but it was mainly just wet.

As I drove to work the snow got worse until it was a damn blizzard! The snowflakes were like the size of Loonies!

The snow kept up for about 3 more hours, then turned to rain as it warmed up a bit.

As the day went on the clouds burned off to a gorgeous day! It was still cold, but the sun was shining with all its might!

The next day wasn't quite as bad... I did have to scrape the ice off my car, but no snow, thank God!

What is with this weather?

Snowflake pictures used with permission from SnowCrystals.com

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