Thursday, March 01, 2007


I got a message on my hi-5 profile from my friend's boyfriend the other day. He had written it at 4:00AM, immidiately after getting dropped off from being at the bar and he was totally sloshed.

It basically said: "Danielle, Don't tell my girlfriend, but I think you are super sexy and I have a big crush on you. "

Oh my god! I didn't even know what to think. Is it some sort of weird test? Is he for real?

I wrote back: "Oooohhh you are BAD. What do you want me to say? She is my FRIEND!"

Right after this I get a message from her asking about it. He had told her that his friend who knew his password had thought it would be funny to go into his account and send me a message.
But, it turns out he was lying! He realized what he had done and tried to cover his ass before I told her about it. She was pissed... more about the fact that he went to such great lenghts to lie about it than actually doing it in the first place.

What am I supposed to do? He told me not to read too much into it ... but he got home and ASAP wrote me to tell me this... And everyone tells the truth when they are that drunk! My friend's bf has a crush on me! MEN!

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