Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Birthday

My birthday this year was awesome! I went to work and the girls had little cards and things for me, which was really cute.

My friend got flowers delivered to the office. They were daffodils and tulips with some 80's style pussy willows mixed in and really brightened up my never see the light of day office.

Then, after work the fun began!

I headed to the skytrain and took it downtown to meet up with my friend, her boyfriend and his friend who looks exactly like Vince Vaughn.

I had a little extra time, which I spent by going through Holt Renfrew. I LOVE DIOR! It is so sad that they have purses there that cost more than I make in two weeks.

Anyways after a dinner of sushi and a strawberry banana Julius in the food court we headed down to GM Place to take in a Canucks game.

The game was great. We were playing Phoenix and we won (of course,) so we took some pics of their coach Gretzky looking angry. Cowan got into a fight and scored a goal on a breakaway and was named first star... who knew? Also, my friend made me chase down and take some pics with Finn. Hey, who doesn't love a retard in a whale suit?

At the game her boyfriend bought me a birthday churro...yum.

The best part of the game though was staring at Pyatt. I can't help myself... He is just so man-pretty! I HEART PYATT!

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