Friday, March 09, 2007

My Birthday... Part Deux

If hitting up the Canucks game on my b-day wasn't good enough, my friend Elise spoiled me even more with 4 seats in a suite to see Rascal Flatts. It was awesome! The band was great... they did all their good songs plus some classics ... Hotel California, Jesse's Girl and Summer of '69.

She and I danced it up with my friend Kristin (it was her first concert ever) and her neighbor. Free drinks too! Hell ya!

After the concert we headed down to Doolins to meet up with friends and further get our drink on.

The following is brought to you in part by your friend and mine, Shellard:

"I guess Danielle and her friends had perfect timing, as 5 minutes prior to their triumphant arrival I had ordered 12 drinks. There were two idiots at our table and it worked out perfect because the two idiots left as Danielle and her entourage arrived. After I thoroughly checked out Danielle's friend Kristin, the 12 drinks I had ordered arrived: 2 for Elise, 2 for Whitey, 2 for GCL (Gay Clay Lachay) , 2 for Bri, 2 for D and 2 for me. Somehow one of the idiots stole one so I figured it would be a good opportunity to order 12 more. In no time the birthday girl in her Kelly Kapowski attire catapulted onto the table where she would have made any stripper goddess incredibly proud. In closing, the night was swell. Highlights include ordering 24 drinks within two minutes, possible Britney Spears-like shots (Danielle: I WAS wearing panties thanks, Chris) and one of the idots being called a C-U-Next-Tuesday for not chippin in for drinks. All in all, could D have asked for a better birthday? Probably ;) ... Next year we go South."

Thanks Chris... now back to our host!

At the bar I saw this guy who I had met when he came into the dentist's office for a teeth cleaning and I was volunteering. We chatted for a while and he bought me a drink and then I went to find my friends and he told me he would come find me later. He found me... but I think I ignored him in favor of buttoning up Brian's shirt to the top and then ripping it open... So I guess I missed my chance there. But the shirt ripping was so fun... And kind of a turn-on.

It was a good night, but I concur... next year we head to Mexico!

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