Monday, March 19, 2007

I've got Mad Curling Skills

I started the day off well. I slept in, woke up and had some breakie, and watched an episode of Sex and the City. I got all my stuff together and headed into Delta.

The pleasant drive was interrupted with a phone call from Elise telling me that our friend wasn't ready to go and he would meet us there... If he didn't show up I was ready to kill him.

So, I got to Elise's and it was a madhouse. She was freaking out, trying to print out a logo to put on her shirt, do her hair and makeup, and pack for the night. I decided that it was time to make us a drink.

We finally got all packed into the car and headed to the curling rink, or as I like to call it, the curling alley. To aleviate Elise's bitchy mood I pulled out the "Sweet Pea" card I had made her. She "hearted" it.

We got to the "alley," got ready, and started to curl. It was a little disorganized, yet fun. The best part was when Elise was taking a picture of the rock she had thrown almost onto the button... and went ass over teakettle onto the ice, where a rock hit another rock, sending it into her side. I kinda felt bad but I pretty much laughed my ass off.

After two hours of curling, sufficiently cold and buzzed, we left curling to start our St. Patricks night.
By the way, check out the names on these rocks... priceless.

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