Thursday, March 15, 2007

Good Times at Stone T

Saturday night I went out with my friends downtown. We started the night off like losers at Stone Temple (because we get free drinks therr,) but I was DD and sober and really, really not feeling it.

This annoying, big black guy kept coming and dancing with me and my one friend... It's because of our nice-sized bums. Black guys flock to asses like honey to a bee.

We decided to leave and find another club. As were on the way down the stairs I caught the eye of a cute guy... I kept walking, but then his friend knew my friend and we all ended up talking.
The one my friend knew said we could crash at his place in Kits, so then I had free rein to drink.

And drink we did... Shooter after shooter after shooter.

Four of us left Stone Temple, went to this Wine-os restarant, got sushi, and then went to one of the guy's houses. Just as we pulled up to the house my friend puked out the door of the SUV. It was avacado-roll green. Sick.

Inside she puked again and then passed out on the couch, cuddling with one guy and leaving me alone with the other.

We gave each other massages on the sheep-skin rug and then he carried me upstairs where
I slept there in his oh-so-comfy bed (but no funny stuff) and then we left in the morning. I had to pull over twice to let my friend throw up. One of the times was on the freeway. Yikes.

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