Saturday, March 10, 2007

Giants and Lil Squirts

My mom got some free tickets to a Vancouver Giants hockey game so I went Friday night with my sister, her boyfriend and his friends.

The game was a blow-out. We kicked the other team's ass 7-0 or some shit... But there wasn't even 1 fight! Come on, everyone knows that when you are losing that bad you are supposed to start something!

The best part of the night was getting hit on by a pack (well, a soccer team) of 11 and 12 year old boys who were sitting 2 rows back. At first it started off innocently enough with a "you're hot!" and a "be my girlfriend!" ... but when one called out "There's a hotel room down the street!" I had to spit out my water before I choked.

I did manage to convince one of them to give me his fruit snacks. That was a plus.

Then, between the 2nd and 3rd periods, they came and surrounded me. I had one on each side (one of which did the old yawn and put his arm around me move) and 3 behind me... It felt like the Britney Spears Slave video... I was surrounded by little boys! They wanted to take a picture with me, so I agreed. They also wanted my email address, to which I did not so much agree... AND they wanted to grab my boob... To that one I did NOT agree.

As the night on they got more and more graphic... They know about stuff that I certainly didn't know about at that age. Little pervs!

Some people's children!

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