Friday, March 23, 2007

The Fray

I went to The Fray's concert at the Oprheum on Wednesday night and it was awesome! I was so impressed with them.

The lead singer has an amazing voice. He totally sounds like the CD when he's singing live. The band was also really good talking and joking with the audience.

During the performance this one guy a few rows ahead of us kepy checking my friend out and turning around and pointing at us. It looked like he was with his girlfriend so I was motioning him to turn around. He was motioning for us to come a few rows up and join him. We didn't so he came back to us. It turns out he is from Abbotsford like me, and the girl with him is his ex.
So we go with him up a few rows and have fun dancing and singing along.

The lead singer tells everyone to shut up (well he said it nicer than that) and sit down and he sings a song acoustic, just him and his guitar. I had no chair so I sat on the ex's lap. During the solo people kept yelling "you are sexy" and "do it naked."
The next day I bought pre-sale tickets to see the Fray when they come in July.... So excited!

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