Sunday, February 04, 2007

My "Sexy" Date

I hate dating. I find it scary and awkward. But sometimes it's just what you have to do to find yourself in the presence of sexiness...

Mr Sexy had called me on Wednesday and we made plans to go for dinner and drinks Friday. I was excited and a little scared.

I drove down and met him at his appartment. It is total 70's style but you can see the water from his balcony which is a nice perk.

On his shelf is a picture of him with a Sedin twin. Which one you ask? If only he remembered!

We headed down to a restaurant in Yaletown for some food and drinks. For a first date it definitely wasn't too bad. We are both chatty, so it wasn't too awkward which was a nice change. We talked about all sorts of stuff.

Before the date my friend had warned me he was a bit of a "Mimbo"... you know, a man-bimbo, so I hadn't expected much but was pleasantly surprised to see books at his appartment, so I know he reads. Also he plays soccer and two instruments! He is smarter than she gives him credit for... And also a total gentleman.

After a few martinis we headed back to his place where I got my first taste of the British version of "The Office." I must say I like the American verison better, but it wasn't too shabby. (Is that a good English word?)

After the date he walked me down to my car. The date had gone pretty damn well, so I had to of course throw some weirdness in! I was wondering if he was gonna kiss me or what ... and then he hugged me. I'm like OK, I can handle that. And then I thought he was giving me a kiss on the cheek but oh he was going for the mouth. (I think.) Well we ended up pecking on the mouth ... but just barely the mouth. Almost cheek. AAHH.

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eula_w said...

The dates are exciting, the conversation is interesting and you make each other laugh. Always use pheromones for women on your date to attract more on the opposite sex.

You have a great date with Mr Sexy.