Sunday, February 25, 2007

Game On!

Saturday night I hit the town with the girls.

First we hit up this industry party for a watch company which was boring and there were no cute boys (but I did see my old next-door-neighbor who is a pro skater) so we left and headed to Republic. There was a huge line so we decided to try and sweet talk our way into The Caprice.

Before we even opened our mouths the bouncer came upto us ..."Three girls?" ... "Yep" ... "Ok get your IDs out," and as fast as that we were in.

The three of us drank, flirted and danced up a storm. I was sweating like a whore in church. Gross, I know. The best part was when my friend tried to do a sexy move and ripped her pants up the ass. Class act that girl! I met this cute guy there. He is from (deep men's Spanish accent) Co-lom-bia.

After that we headed to Stone Temple for some free booze. My friend's boyfriend was plastered and he walked to meet up with us. He was my wingman and when I saw a hot guy (we will call him green-shirt) he talked to him for me. I guess it worked because when I appologized to the guy, "Sorry about my friend... he is REALLY drunk," it seemed to work pretty well as an ice-breaker and I talked to the hottie the rest of the night. He got my number and I kissed him goodbye and that was the night.

Tally: Numbers given out - 2, Rejections - 0 ... Things are lookin up!

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