Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What do you get when you mix Colombian and Italian?

I went out on a date with the guy I met at The Caprice...

He picked me up (nice car - Bonus) lookin cute in a black button-up shirt and jeans. Then he got out of the car and went around to my side and opened the door and everything. The whole romantic thing like that is nice... but a little weird when you aren't used to it.

We went to eat at the Olive Garden (I love Italian food!) where I had Crab Alfredo which was great. I also had one glass of wine, which I got tipsy off.

Convo was good. He kept saying all these nice things and making me blush. He told me that he had told his boss he had hot date that night so his boss took him for lunch. I was like "You will need to take me out more often then if you keep getting free lunches." I also found out that his parents run a company in Colombia that makes textiles for men's underwear.

All in all the date was good but I am not sure if I'm interested. I don't know if he is my type but I will give him another try...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Game On!

Saturday night I hit the town with the girls.

First we hit up this industry party for a watch company which was boring and there were no cute boys (but I did see my old next-door-neighbor who is a pro skater) so we left and headed to Republic. There was a huge line so we decided to try and sweet talk our way into The Caprice.

Before we even opened our mouths the bouncer came upto us ..."Three girls?" ... "Yep" ... "Ok get your IDs out," and as fast as that we were in.

The three of us drank, flirted and danced up a storm. I was sweating like a whore in church. Gross, I know. The best part was when my friend tried to do a sexy move and ripped her pants up the ass. Class act that girl! I met this cute guy there. He is from (deep men's Spanish accent) Co-lom-bia.

After that we headed to Stone Temple for some free booze. My friend's boyfriend was plastered and he walked to meet up with us. He was my wingman and when I saw a hot guy (we will call him green-shirt) he talked to him for me. I guess it worked because when I appologized to the guy, "Sorry about my friend... he is REALLY drunk," it seemed to work pretty well as an ice-breaker and I talked to the hottie the rest of the night. He got my number and I kissed him goodbye and that was the night.

Tally: Numbers given out - 2, Rejections - 0 ... Things are lookin up!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

My "Non-Date"

Saturday night I went on a "non-date" with this guy. He is brown... According to him he's not East-Indian...but a self-proclaimed "sand n*gger." I prefer "Rug-rider," but to each her own.

We headed down to Granville Island, walked around a bit, had dinner (I had Mahi Mahi and it was YUM) then watched some Theatresports. Apres-improv we headed to The Keg for some jumbo nachos.

I had fun ... But would never date him for these reasons:

1. He is brown. I'm not racist... He is the 2nd brown guy I have considered... but there are issues there.
2. He talked on his phone the whole time. Rude.
3. In the cab he sat in front with the cabbie instead of in the back with me. Weird.
4. All night he was bumming smokes off random people, including some ladies on the side of the road who were freaked out when he asked the driver to pull over to them while in the cab. Weirder.
5. Even though he said he wasn't all about money he was carrying a G on him, hundred dollar bills wrapped up in an elastic... and made sure I saw it.
6. He is paying to get a $23, 000 chain made up for himself. That is half of my tuition. It made me want to puke.

The highlight of the night was when I got home and talked to my friend Chris (and his cab driver, Miguel) who was in Mexico. We were making fun of the guy saying he could probably hook us up with some applications to join Al-Queda and that he knows where the WMDs are.

Mr Sexy or no Mr Sexy...That is the Question?

I hadn't heard from Mr Sexy all week so I figured I had nothing to lose and called him on the Saturday after our date. He wasn't there so I left a message. He called me back and we chatted for a bit. He told me he had been super busy and that he would be in touch ... but then he wasn't.

After yet another Mr Sexy-less week I texted him the next Saturday night telling him I was in Vancouver, but unfortunately he was in drunk in Richmond at some family event.

And since then.. oui, No Mr sexy. I have given up. My only questions is why bother returning my calls and texts then? Don't give me hope buddy! I can take a hint if someone ignores me... but give me a little attention and I will run with it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My "Sexy" Date

I hate dating. I find it scary and awkward. But sometimes it's just what you have to do to find yourself in the presence of sexiness...

Mr Sexy had called me on Wednesday and we made plans to go for dinner and drinks Friday. I was excited and a little scared.

I drove down and met him at his appartment. It is total 70's style but you can see the water from his balcony which is a nice perk.

On his shelf is a picture of him with a Sedin twin. Which one you ask? If only he remembered!

We headed down to a restaurant in Yaletown for some food and drinks. For a first date it definitely wasn't too bad. We are both chatty, so it wasn't too awkward which was a nice change. We talked about all sorts of stuff.

Before the date my friend had warned me he was a bit of a "Mimbo"... you know, a man-bimbo, so I hadn't expected much but was pleasantly surprised to see books at his appartment, so I know he reads. Also he plays soccer and two instruments! He is smarter than she gives him credit for... And also a total gentleman.

After a few martinis we headed back to his place where I got my first taste of the British version of "The Office." I must say I like the American verison better, but it wasn't too shabby. (Is that a good English word?)

After the date he walked me down to my car. The date had gone pretty damn well, so I had to of course throw some weirdness in! I was wondering if he was gonna kiss me or what ... and then he hugged me. I'm like OK, I can handle that. And then I thought he was giving me a kiss on the cheek but oh he was going for the mouth. (I think.) Well we ended up pecking on the mouth ... but just barely the mouth. Almost cheek. AAHH.