Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The old Switcheroo

Last friday night I got a text from this super-cute guy who I hadn't heard from in a few months (since I had found out that he had a gf.) He was all, "Long time no talk" so I figured the girlfriend was gonzo, and we got to flirting and decided to meet up the next night. I had plans with my girlfriend so I told him to bring a friend for her.

The boys showed up at the restaurant and thankfully both were lookin good. I was happy that my big sista didn't end up having to hang with an uggo all night just for me.

We all talked and flirted and had a few drinks and decided to head back to my place for wine and a little girls vs guys pool table action.

As we left the restaurant I told my friendthat I thought I liked the guy's friend better. She was ectatic ... "I'll take him!" she yelled. I wasn't sure yet so we decide to take it as it comes.

We got to my place and it became pretty evident that my friend and guy#1 have a lot in common, such as being pretty and liking house music, and guy#2 and I have a lot in common, such as being sarcastic and enjoying making anti-Jesus comments. My friend and I decided ... time for a SWITCHEROO!

While the other two were making kissy-kiss in the bedroom guy#2 and I got to chatting and I found out that the boys had had the exact same conversation as us girls. What were the odds of this working out?

As the night went on guy#2 and I talked and cuddled and kissed. I got along better with him than any guy I have met in a while. We just sorta clicked. And he liked the fact that I wasn't just going to hop into the sack with him

... and the other two... well this isn't a porno blog!

The boys left at 3 in the morning, one with a little more vomit on him than the other.

I walked into the spare bedroom in the morning to find crackers spread everywhere, bags of open food on the nightstand, a broken wine glass on the floor, an empty wine bottle on the counter, my friend's underwear and bra on the carpet, and guy#1's wallet and boxers lying around. Oh yeah! Party like a rockstar!

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