Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jesus Christ ... mas!

Christmas was ok. I find the older I get the more dissappointing it is. Like you wake up... open presents... and then its like oh its over.

Two of my friends got me really good presents. One got me Crocs because I told her I hate them. She also make me a Gunther and Toplass pillow and slippers. It was freakin awesome. She totally spoils me! My other friend got me my first MAC makeup... lipglass! She also made me something, which was a shirt that said D and J Twins Inc because we are the twins. It was pink. Obviously.

For dinner we went to my Auntie's house. It was weird because we usually do Boxing Day with that side of the family, not Christmas, so everything was just wrong. I was also hung over. Yeah, I was hungover on Christmas Day... so what.

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