Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My friend's Big Day becomes my Big Day?

I went downtown and met up with my friend at the pub, where she was meeting with old co-workers. Out of the corner of my eye I spied a cutie... At first I mistook him for this Jehovah's Witness she had pointed out to me at her Christmas party, but was happy to find out I was wrong-o.

He didn't stay long, but as he left he pulled her aside to ask about me. Apparently he thought I was cute and wanted my info. She told him I was single and fabulous and that she would hook us up. She then grabbed me and pulled me aside to dish. For the sake of not getting sued we will call the guy Mr Sexy "That is MR SEXY," she said to me, "You HAVE to go on a date with him and tell me EVERYTHING that happens." I promised to so she gave me his number along with the comment that I had to call the next day.

The next night my friends and I got glammed up and headed downtown again to party for one of their birthday's special night. The big 2-5. This guy she is seeing, who it happens used to date my other friend made us all dinner. After that we headed to the club.

I got up my courage and texted Mr Sexy. "Hey, is this Mr Sexy?" I said.... I know SMOOTH. "That's a hard question, I guess it depends who is asking." He answered. I told him that I'm the Blonde friend from the pub and we go from there.

At the club my friend whose b-day it was took off. Crazy gal took off. So we headed off to Doolin's to meet up with her ex and his friends, but not before we sent them some hot'n'steamy texts. We got there and even though her ex had been texting her all night telling her to come he was busy totally hitting on a fat ugly girl. Come on buddy, quality over quantity ok!

The gorgeous vice principal's son (aka the recieving end of the hot'n'steamyness) was also there, but left as soon as he saw me. Ass. It was ok though, because I kissed his friend the black guy. It sorta felt like he was eating my face though. Not that he is a bad kisser, but his mouth is like 4 times the size of mine. Lip un-compatibility I tell ya!

But, that is not the point of the story. The point is that as the night continued My Sexy and I kept texting back and forth and then SURPRISE! He showed up at the bar. I was like "Oh my god I think that's Mr Sexy!" .... So my friend asked him... and it was... and we sat and talked and it was nice. He said he would call.

The next morning I got a text from hot sexy vice principal's son wanting a little morning sumthin-sumthin. Screw you buddy! According to him it wasn't true at all that he ran away from me at the bar. Right.

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